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2016 environmental report: focus on the value chain and improved environmental performance in the procurement of sustainable energy and materials


On 5 September, APG|SGA published the 14th issue of its annual environmental report. Once again, Switzerland's leading Out of Home advertising company improved on its environmental performance in 2016 compared with previous years. In a 5-year comparison, the eco-balance shows a gratifying downtrend. APG|SGA has been able to reduce its environmental impact by around 20% since 2011.

The current debate surrounding the "green economy" in Switzerland shows that APG|SGA made the right decision several years ago to enshrine sustainability in its mission statement and to continue treading an ecological path. With life cycle assessment, APG|SGA realized at an early stage that leveraging the value chain in particular is crucial to reducing environmental impact. The company has over 15 years of experience in environmental sustainability. The principle of a green economy is integrated into its core business activities, and environmental topics are now anchored in all of APG|SGA's business areas.

Energy-saving ways of driving
With a proportion of 60%, transport has contributed most to reducing environmental impact. This result is due in particular to the procurement and use of eco-friendly vehicles and the ongoing training of employees in energy-efficient driving. A total of 171 gas-powered vehicles and 8 hybrid vehicles are in use. In 2016, the aim is to procure another 20 eco-friendly vehicles.

Energy optimization
Electricity contributed 25% to the overall reduction and is the result of continuing efforts to procure 100%-renewable "naturemade star" electricity for buildings and backlit advertising. Furthermore, 50 illuminated boxes on telephone booths were fitted with LED lighting. Measures planned for 2016/2017 include reducing the energy required by first-generation ePanels at 36 sites and optimizing the energy use of the property in Zurich.

Contribution to the energy revolution
Greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by around 820 tonnes (-20%) compared with 2011. This is equivalent to an ordinary new car clocking up approximately 4.4 million kilometres – or circumnavigating the earth approximately 150 times.

Targets for 2020
2020 represents an important milestone for both Switzerland and the EU in terms of energy and climate goals. 2016 is thus an ideal point in time for APG|SGA to align its medium and long-term goals with the challenges that await. With its forward-thinking strategy for the environment, APG|SGA intends to remain Switzerland's most environmentally-friendly Out of Home advertising company in the future, too. Central goals include reducing fossil fuels and ensuring a sustainable analogue and digital value chain.


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