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APG|SGA unveils innovations for 2017: expanded range of spaces throughout Switzerland, concrete performance ratings for analogue posters, innovative promotional opportunities and more interactions


From 10 October 2016, out-of-home campaigns and new offerings from APG|SGA can be booked for the first half of 2017. For advertisers this means: don’t miss the date and make sure you secure the best locations at an early stage. With the publication of the 2017 pocket planner, APG|SGA is introducing its innovations, expanded range of spaces at prime locations, live communications and modern technologies for more interaction. In addition, thanks to SPR+ MobNat, fully updated and more precise performance ratings are available for analogue spaces.


Since August 2016, SPR+ MobNat (new study entitled «Mobility follow-up survey and national model») gives fully updated performance ratings for street and railway station posters in the whole of Switzerland. Individual spaces and campaigns can now be evaluated for any geographical area, allowing planning in line with customers' exact requirements. Even small-scale control of customer-specific branch areas is possible, including documentation of performance and costs. Higher levels of detail among the target groups and evaluations of up to ten weeks are also offered. Prices for advertisers at APG|SGA remain unchanged. The contact categories have been adjusted upwards in line with the new study, thus providing customers with higher contact and performance values. Each individual space has been priced into the corresponding contact category according to its new contacts, guaranteeing an even more attractive and transparent cost/benefit ratio.

Selected highlights from the comprehensive 2017 Out of Home media offering
APG|SGA is expanding its portfolio, particularly in inner cities, railway stations and shopping centres. From 2017, expanded networks will be available with a total of 30 City ePanels on public land in Zurich, Winterthur and Biel/Bienne. For the first time, eight modern City ePanels will be available for booking on public land in the heart of Biel/Bienne. APG|SGA will be digitizing the bilingual city by the end of 2016.

Switzerland's largest digital shopping network: 152 shopping ePanels at prime locations in 24 malls enable broad and homogeneous coverage shortly before the purchase decision. From 7 November 2016, the Emmen Center, central Switzerland's largest shopping centre, will be developed with ten shopping ePanels.

Digital bookings can be made even more flexibly: With the new, cost-effective Light networks for all ePanels and the optimized screening loop for Rail eBoards and Rail Beamers, APG|SGA's digital offering can be booked in a wider range of variations and on a more targeted basis.

Virtually unlimited possibilities for live communication: The segment brand APG|SGA Promotion designs and realizes high-impact special forms of advertising and rents wide-reaching distribution and promotional spaces in shopping centres, airports, in the mountains and – absolutely exclusively – in SBB railway stations.

Double the campaign impact with interactions: Interactive technologies such as QR codes, NFC, Beacons or the Double Impact product make it possible to combine the advantages of out-of-home advertising with the added value of digital content. By combining posters, mobile ads and smartphones, advertising messages are multiplied and reach the customer directly. Poster advertising becomes twice the experience and takes on an expanded role in the media mix.

A bundle of innovations in the analogue segment: New and exclusive «F200L Startower» networks are being offered in the cities Zurich, Basel, Winterthur, Kriens and Lancy. The «City Star F200L Zurich» network in-corporates prime spaces in Zurich's best locations (such as Bahnhofstrasse or Bürkliplatz). And in Lucerne, the tried-and-tested offering with more than 1,000 panels has been expanded to include the new «Rail Citystar 200L» network, which provides a high-impact advertising opportunity in Lucerne railway station. The station, which is used by 157,000 commuters daily, has recently been transformed into «RailCity Lucerne», a customer-friendly space with an expanded shopping area.

For more details on the highlights and an overview of other innovations see:

All our products in your pocket
All our new and tried-and-tested products in a handy pocket-size format: The 2017 pocket planner covers APG|SGA's complete out-of-home advertising range. It also contains interesting facts about the product range of the six segment brands. Available to download online in four languages:

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