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APGISGA launches new digital product in Switzerland: 64 Escalator ePanels along five escalators


Switzerland’s leading Out of Home advertising company will reach a new digital milestone on 2 January 2017: APGISGA is installing a total of 64 Escalator ePanels on five busy escalators at the heart of Zurich’s main station. The 32” screens are mounted in a sequence – two escalators each have 16 or 12 screens and one escalator has 8 screens. The dynamic screens offer creative flexibility with unlimited design possibilities, thus ensuring high-impact advertising campaigns.

In the modern «Löwenstrasse» and «Museumstrasse» low-level stations in Zurich, Switzerland’s largest main station, five busy hotspots are being equipped with 64 Escalator ePanels. Multiple successive screens with dynamic image flow technology will accompany passengers up and down the escalators. Escalator ePanels are suitable for individual, multiple or synchronously played still images or animations. They support the storytelling with moving images and messages that cross the screens. «The creative design possibilities are practically endless, creating new scope for extraordinary advertising effects. The target group will be reached in a receptive waiting situation and can be accompanied for the entire escalator journey. This format gives new meaning to storytelling with moving content and attracts a great deal of attention», according to Head of Partner & Product Management, Beat Holenstein.

High-impact, flexible and innovative
The long descents and escalators in the low-level stations have created a new, unique environment that enables the innovative implementation of Escalator ePanels in Switzerland. «Together with SBB and its market partners Kilchennmann AG and Burri Public Elements, APG|SGA developed these special advertising media over two years. The use of high-quality materials means they integrate perfectly into the infrastructure. The Escalator ePanels set new visual and technical standards», explains Head of APG|SGA Rail, Chris Mühlemann, who is responsible for implementation. The existing digital range of eBoards, ePanels and Beamers at Zurich’s main station is available as a daily or weekly network. The Escalator ePanels provide the perfect enhancement. APG|SGA offers flexible booking options to suit the media, such as cost-effective Light networks, which broadcast every two minutes instead of every minute, or Night offers that reach Zurich’s night owl passengers late at night. APG|SGA will continue to expand its innovative range in future, always considering the optimum product mix between digital and analogue advertising spaces.


Beat Holenstein, Head of Partner & Product Management
Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8045 Zurich, tel. +41 58 220 70 51,

APGISGA, Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG, Media Office
Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8045 Zurich, tel. +41 58 220 70 71,

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