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APG|SGA expands its digital range with numerous Rail ePanels in Winterthur and Zurich – more installations to come in 2017


In December 2016 APG|SGA ads six new Rail ePanels to its comprehensive digital range. Four new screens were installed at Winterthur station and two at Zürich Hardbrücke station. These new additions are just a few of the many digital advertising products installed by APG|SGA in 2016 in shopping malls, stations, in the mountains and on public land. For 2017 APG|SGA is planning another digital offensive and will boost demand for digital out-of-home advertising with expanded networks and innovations in high-footfall communication spaces.

SBB expects footfall at Winterthur station to increase to 133,000 people per day by 2022. APG|SGA installed four new Rail ePanels at prime locations at the station (right in the middle of commuter flow in the main underpass as well as on the platform itself for the first time). These are now available as part of the digital network in Wintherthur consisting of five Rail eBoards at the station and ten City ePanels in public spaces and at bus stops. In Zurich two new Rail ePanels at Hardbrücke station help increase the digital dominance. Together with the premiere across Switzerland of 64 Escalator ePanels next to five much-used escalators this will bring the digital out-of-home media options available in Zurich in 2017 to a total of 129 eBoards, ePanels and Beamers. With these high-resolution screens advertisers can reach mobile target groups, direct advertising at those taking specific routes for work or leisure and generate constantly recurring opportunities for contact with high recall values.

Number 1 position consolidated
In 2016 APG|SGA consolidated its position as number 1 in digital out-of-home advertising with numerous successful new installations. APG|SGA installed 44 new screens last year at eight large shopping malls (including the Emmen Center, the largest shopping mall in Central Switzerland). The network of 152 Shopping ePanels all across Switzerland is ideal for extending advertising messages into everyday life outside the home and for improving brand recognition directly at the point of sale. APG|SGA "digitized" the largest bilingual city in Switzerland, Biel/Bienne, with eight new City ePanels on public land. These are installed at high-footfall locations in the centre of this city which has around 55,000 residents. APG|SGA also installed four Mountain ePanels in Zermatt. These are extremely popular with national and international advertising customers as the Matterhorn attracts tourists from all over the world, and there are around two million overnight stays in the location each year.

Innovative projects for 2017
«APG|SGA will continue to expand its digital business area. In 2016 we created a solid basis for digital growth and will expand our range of products at high-footfall locations even further in 2017», says Beat Holenstein, Head of Partner & Product Management. Next year APG|SGA will introduce innovative products in the City, Rail, Shopping and Mountain communication spaces. Further projects are in the pipeline and will give the digital products additional impetus.


Beat Holenstein, Head of Partner & Product Management
Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8045 Zurich, T +41 58 220 70 51,

APGISGA, Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG, Media Office
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