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APG|SGA intensifies activities in the area of mobile media and launches new segment brand APG|SGA Interaction


APG|SGA, Switzerland’s leading Out of Home advertising company, is pursuing new digital avenues and expanding its activities in the areas of mobile media, interactive and data collecting. This is based on its belief that mobile media will become an increasingly integrated part of the Out of Home Media market. The growth of mobile Internet usage in the context of digital and analogue Out of Home advertising enables effective targeting of groups, as well as new interactive forms of advertising along the customer journey. By establishing the new segment brand APG|SGA Interaction on 1 February 2017, the market leader aims to provide advertising clients and partners with high-quality services for planning and handling mobile advertising campaigns, and to develop new products. In the process APG|SGA has taken over a start-up company specializing in beacon technology, together with its employees, and will roll out a beacon network in the near future. Raphael Bratschi, a proven industry expert who joined APG|SGA on 1 September 2016, will be the new Head of APG|SGA Interaction.

These developments are based on a fundamental change in media usage habits, as today’s consumers now communicate, work, read, shop, and find information very differently compared with the past. The way in which they keep in touch with the world and manage their time has also altered. As soon as they have a free moment or have to wait for something – at a bus stop, on the train, or in a shopping centre – they automatically reach for their smartphones. Studies show that the average user today looks at their smartphone up to 100 times a day. APG|SGA is therefore focusing on the considerable growth opportunities offered by mobile advertising in order to successfully extend the communication chain from analogue and digital poster advertising. Mobile technologies make it possible to combine the advantages of wide-coverage Out of Home advertising with the added value of digital content. The smartphone or tablet is thus being established as a kind of “Out of Home medium”, which is also becoming more and more important for advertising customers. APG|SGA sees its strengths and unique market position in combination with its broad range of widecoverage regional and national Out of Home products and promotional space business. One key component is new technologies such as NFC and Beacon. Precise location data in real time is essential in order to usefully link Out of Home and mobile media. For this reason, APG|SGA is currently developing its own targeting solution. In future, this should enable advertisers to display relevant advertising messages on a person’s smartphone in real time based on their location. Under the leadership of Alex Zimmermann and Jan Berchtold, this business area will be developed and expanded for Out of Home campaigns – with or without the combination of analogue and digital posters. The two mobile experts founded the start -up “Blinq” and launched the dating app of the same name based on beacon technology.APG|SGA Interaction has a team of five specialists available to manage the advertising market. Based in Zurich, the new segment brand will act as a national centre of excellence and look after both local and national customers together with APG|SGA’s existing sales organization.

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