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The 2018 Out of Home Media offering from APG|SGA: new and optimized advertising spaces and the highest-footfall digital networks in Switzerland


From 9 October 2017, Out of Home Media campaigns and new offerings from APG|SGA can be booked for the first half of 2018. New features include additional digital screens and expanded digital networks throughout Switzerland, a stronger presence in railway stations, cities and shopping centres, and an optimized analogue range.

APG|SGA has enhanced its Out of Home offering, which now boasts new network options. The advertising media portfolio has been expanded in city centres, railway stations and shopping centres in particular. 2018 will also see the provision of extended digital networks. This bundling of selected advertising spaces offers advertisers enhanced efficiency and a wide coverage of areas – from city centres to conurbations.

Switzerland's largest digital network
The new product AllStar ePanel CH is the highest-footfall, interconnected digital out-of-home network in Switzerland. With a weekly footfall of over 16 million passers-by and some 420 ePanels, the package provides great value for money. For the selected coverage of hotspots at Switzerland's 21 largest railway stations, APG|SGA offers the new City & Rail eBoard/Beamer CH. This classic 16:9 TV format can reach 10 million passers-by per week with its moving images. APG|SGA is promoting the benefits of networked screens in various cities. Two homogeneous networks are being set up in Basel in top city locations. The City ePanel Basel Large offering meets national communication needs, while the City ePanel Basel Medium solution has been designed with local advertising customers in mind. In Berne, APG|SGA Traffic is launching a passenger programme with 500 new TrafficMediaScreens in the BERNMOBIL fleet.

Additional screens at modern SBB stations
Since the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, SBB has been investing heavily in the expansion and renovation of the railway stations in Bellinzona and Lugano. Following a successful introduction of the Rail eBoard in Bellinzona, APG|SGA is set to launch four new Rail ePanels at the modernized Lugano station in early 2018. This station features a large concourse, an atrium with shops and a new funicular railway station. St. Gallen station, eastern Switzerland's largest railway station, has also been fully refurbished. The departure board has been enhanced with a new 9 m2 Rail eBoard. Another eBoard is positioned in the extended shopping mall, which is being revitalized with new stores.

Optimized poster networks to accompany customer journeys
Switzerland's inhabitants have never been so numerous or so much on the move as they are today. This presents the perfect opportunity to appeal to them with Out of Home advertising and the whole range of interactive options. The Mobile Media and Out of Home solutions combine all the benefits of Out of Home advertising with the data-supported precision of smartphones. To reach consumers with relevant messages, APG|SGA has optimized its poster networks for 2018, for example: the best poster sites in each rental price category have now been integrated – for the same price. With over 154,000 advertising spaces – on streets, in squares and at stations as well as on public transport, in the mountains, at airports and in shopping centres – APG|SGA offers a range of effective analogue and digital advertising solutions. These form the basis for extraordinary interactive advertising campaigns and can be combined with promotions and mobile advertising.

New additions in French-speaking Switzerland
The comprehensive range of analogue and digital offers in the Métro m2 was expanded extensively in summer 2017. The Métro m2 is the busiest local public transport system in Lausanne, handling 28.9 million passengers annually. This equates to more than 500,000 per week – an impressive number, considering that the city of Lausanne has only 130,000 inhabitants. The central Métro stations have largely been digitalized, boasting two City eBoard, 15 City ePanel and 12 Escalator ePanel, among other features. To boost the offering in Geneva, the advertising spaces in the MetroShopping Cornavin mall have been expanded. The mall links Geneva Cornavin station with the attractive street Rue du Mont-Blanc and has a daily footfall of 151,000 people. It now has 14 screens, 17 back-lit poster sites and two back-lit MegaPosters. The new ePanel sites in western Switzerland are incorporated into the AllStar ePanel CH product.

Pocket-sized format
New and familiar features in a handy format: the pocket planner covers APG|SGA's complete out-of-home advertising range for Switzerland. It also contains the latest product ranges from the seven segment brands.

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