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The best Swiss poster of 2017 – the title of “Poster of the Year” goes to the “Social Contacts” campaign


The “Social Contacts” campaign has been crowned Poster of the Year 2017 at the Swiss Poster Award ceremony. The expert jury presented a total of 15 awards in six categories. The winners received their prizes at the Poster Night in Zurich on 8 March 2018, to which around 300 guests were invited.

This year, the title of “Poster of the Year” goes to the “Social Contacts” poster created by the Ruf Lanz advertising agency for Autism Forum Switzerland. The awareness campaign for people with autism spectrum disorder is based on the idea of images of enemy animals, which were painted in fine detail onto hands. They impressively show what the headline describes: “Social contact can be terrifying for people with autism.” This clever implementation demonstrates perfectly how effectively a traditional poster can campaign for more mutual understanding – as long as it is backed up with the right creative idea.

The competition received 230 entries altogether. Out of the 28 nominees, 14 campaigns were chosen by the 20-strong expert jury to receive a Swiss Poster Award in gold, silver or bronze. The winners of the Swiss poster competition stood out in particular due to their wordplay, outstanding craftsmanship and innovative implementations.

The awards were celebrated at a gala in the Samsung Hall, with TV and radio presenter Alexandra Maurer guiding around 300 invited guests through the evening. The fascinating stage show created by Marcel Weiss and his team featured poster images projected highly accurately onto mobile poster media using new 3D mapping technology. Once the prizes had been given out, the audience rounded out the APG|SGA Poster Night 2018 with a dinner party until midnight.

Details of all the winners and nominees can be found below

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Media Release and details of all the winners (PDF)
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