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Sustainability in figures: APG|SGA broadens its reporting and fully embraces its corporate responsibility


APG|SGA has been presenting an environmental report for 15 years. The scope of this report has been broadened and now complies with the new APG|SGA corporate responsibility principles. This total commitment to sustainability will become an integral part of the annual report and will be published as an online report, which will be regularly updated.

Sustainability is enshrined as one of six values in the Code of Conduct and in APG|SGA’s corporate culture. The new 2017 Sustainability Report replaces the old environmental report and, as well as our environmental approach, also incorporates economic and social factors. The broader understanding of the “People, Planet, Profit” sustainability strategy is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. APG|SGA focuses on five key aspects of the analogue and digital value chain. Priority is given to sustainable development goals that the leading Out of Home advertising company can actively influence. These include, in particular, energy efficiency at all levels of procurement, production and services. APG|SGA enjoys the support of longstanding partners in its efforts to attain its voluntarily high standards.

Milestones of our current commitment to sustainability
Our overall environmental impact was reduced by seven percent year-on-year in 2017. Despite the wider range of digital products, the environmental impact of electricity (100% green electricity from “naturemadeStar”) remained unchanged over the comparison period. This is down to our sustainable procurement strategy: energy optimization measures in buildings, investments in energy-efficient technologies and reduced CO2 figures benefited people, the environment and the company. By promoting and making targeted use of alternative fuel vehicles, we aim to achieve a much tighter limit value of 95gCO2/km by 2020.

New reference value for digital
At present, environmental impact is calculated per poster. In light of the steady growth of the digital product portfolio, a new reference value will be introduced for digital advertising media in future. 

Achieving new targets with constant improvements
APG|SGA is committed to sustainable progress. Pleasingly, more and more cities, municipalities, partners and investors are recognizing corporate commitment to sustainability and assessing this criterion in
tenders or business decisions. This new mindset is expressed in a desire to pull together and take responsibility that goes beyond the targets required by law. This includes taking action in areas with social relevance, in tandem and on an equal footing with economic and environmental corporate policies. APG|SGA is committed to offering sustainable jobs and encourages employees to attend professional development and learn more about the safety culture and prevention. APG|SGA fulfils its social responsibility by supporting non-profit organizations, social institutions and cultural and sporting events through partnerships and sponsorship.

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