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Swiss Poster Award 2018 shortlist: broader range of submissions and 34 campaigns nominated


The Swiss Poster Award is one of the biggest competitions for creative commercial communication in analogue, digital, and innovative advertising in Switzerland. It recognizes outstanding creativity, emphasizes the value of design, and underscores the importance of Out of Home advertising.  Winners will receive their awards at the “APG|SGA Poster Night” on March 7, 2019. The shortlist has already been finalized: 34 of the campaigns nominated have seen off the competition from a total of 330 contributors and – even before any prizes are awarded – are regarded as being among the best creations of 2018.

Last December, under jury president Christian Brändle, an independent specialist jury consisting of 21 seasoned professionals from the worlds of advertising, culture, and design evaluated a total of 330 Out of Home advertising campaigns submitted.  On the jury for the first time were Yvan Piccinno (Y&R Group Switzerland) and multi-award-winning graphic artist Paula Troxler (PANK). Thirty-four contributions stood out for the jury, thanks to elements such as their originality, the expression of their message in poster form, and the quality of their design execution. These contributions were shortlisted and nominated in six competition categories for the Swiss Poster Award 2018. The extension of the “Poster Innovations” category to include “Out of Home Innovations” has broadened the range of entries, as all Out of Home formats and technologies are now eligible to compete.

Awards ceremony and exhibition
The winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Swiss Poster Awards as well as the overall winner across all categories,  “Poster of the Year,” will be announced on March 7, 2019, at the “APG|SGA Poster Night” in Halle 622, Zurich Oerlikon. The ceremony will be hosted by Swiss presenter Alexandra Maurer. She will present the finalists and hand the awards over to the winners together with the specialists from the jury. This year once again, the audience will be able to enjoy the innovative stage design produced by Marcello Weiss and his team. In addition, the winning entries will be shown at the graphic design and technology festival “grafikSchweiz19.”

Nominees at a glance

Commercial National

Ex Libris: Mehr Buch fürs Geld

Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich

Ex Libris


Migrol Car Wash: Autos wie Ming-Vasen

Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich

Migrol Car Wash


50 Years of Big Mac



McDonald's Suisse Restaurants Sàrl


OLMA Plakate 2018


OLMA Messen St.Gallen



Wirz Communications AG



WoZ-App, Karin Keller-Sutter

Leo Burnett Schweiz AG

WOZ, die Wochenzeitung

Commercial Regional

Al Mulinetto – The fine art of drinking

Process Brand Communications

Al Mulinetto


Hiltl: Ein Stück Zürcher Geschichte

Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich



Hiltl: Letztlich steckt in jedem ein Vegetarier

Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich



Hiltl: Prozente für Studis

Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich



Für überdurchschnittliche Leser

Scholz & Friends

Neue Zürcher Zeitung


Alles hängt irgendwie zusammen.

thjnk Zürich

Bio Suisse

Public Service

TIR: Manche Tiere werden wie Müll behandelt

Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich

Tier im Recht (TIR)


Suva: Sprint-Treppe

Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich



VBZ: Besetzte Parkhäuser

Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich




Spinas Civil Voices

Lungenliga Schweiz


Arbeitgeberkampagne IV-Stellen


SVA Zürich


Alle sind gleich. Niemand ist gleicher.

thjnk Zürich

Pro Infirmis



Atelier Poisson

Ville d'Yverdon-les-Bains


Animal Farm

Atelier Stephan Bundi

TOBS Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn


Les Fès du Rhin (Die Rheinnixen)

Atelier Stephan Bundi

TOBS Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn


The Roommate

Atelier Stephan Bundi

TOBS Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn


Meret Oppenheim

Serviceplan Suisse AG

Fine Books


Social Design

studio marcus kraft

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Out of Home Innovations

Reflektierende Tourismuswerbung:

Willkommen im Kanton Schwyz

Clavadetscher Gestaltung für Kultur und Wirtschaft

Amt für Wirtschaft Kanton Schwyz


MIGROS greets MIGOS am Open Air Frauenfeld

Just Live AG



Häng dich rein

thjnk Zürich

Edelweiss Air AG


Happy Scanner

Y&R Wunderman AG

Selfnation/RealLook AG

Digital Out of Home

STOP - gegen die willkürliche Überwachung von Versicherten


Referendum gegen Versicherungsspione


Al Mulinetto- the fine art of drinking

Process Brand Communications

Al Mulinetto


Persönlich: Anagramme

Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich

persönlich Verlags AG


Gemeinsam für eine bessere Welt.

Spinas Civil Voices

Brot für alle und Fastenopfer


Arbeitgeberkampagne IV-Stellen


SVA Zürich


Gemeinsam mit HIV leben


Aids-Hilfe Schweiz


Pictures of the nominees in a loose succession on Facebook  and Instagram #swissposteraward

The Swiss Poster Award sets the benchmark for poster design in Switzerland. The competition documents the diversity, creativity, and power of Out of Home advertising. 

Christian Brändle, jury president and Director of the Museum of Design, Zurich
Ausstellungsstrasse 60, 8005 Zurich, T +41 43 446 67 02,

Media accreditation and contact
APGISGA, Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG, Media Office
Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8045 Zurich, T+41 58 220 70 71,


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