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APGISGA launches its first digital customer portal: view campaigns live and access all data at any time


APGISGA is launching a comprehensive digital customer portal: myAPG saves time and creates transparency since all data is available at any time. The new portal enables advertisers, agencies and printers to view their campaigns anytime and anywhere. In addition, individual items of information can be edited online and orders can even be managed while they are in progress.

In the myAPG customer portal provided by APGISGA, advertisers, agencies and printers receive a digital profile with a secure login. They can connect to the portal via the APGISGA website. By accessing the service individually, authorized users can filter their campaigns using search criteria, create media schedules and upload advertising content. Ads on screens can be managed individually. For the first time, the progress of poster campaigns can be tracked and visually represented using photos. Alongside current documentation regarding spaces, important documents such as quotations, confirmations, contracts and invoices are stored for three years. With this user-friendly and time-saving service, APGISGA is providing a simplified overview of all analog and digital displays so that advertisers and agencies can maintain control of their campaigns at all times.

From the initial stages in the development of myAPG, APGISGA involved various focus groups made up of test customers. Registered users will be asked to provide their opinions via feedback functions in order to continually improve the quality of the portal. APGISGA will use this input to further develop its digital customer service. The myAPG customer portal is an addition to the existing booking platform PosterDirect, which makes it easy to plan and book campaigns around the clock.

This press release is under embargo until 6 a.m. on 02/25/2019.



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