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APGISGA Mountain expands digital network in Zermatt: 20 new screens at the heart of the skiing area guarantee maximum attention


Advertising and information on an additional 20 screens in the destination and skiing area enhance APG|SGA Mountain's existing digital range in the centre of Zermatt and reach visitors to the mountains from all over the world. The adverts or animations are shown on the digital information systems in waiting areas and access zones.

In Zermatt, Switzerland’s highest-altitude skiing area, the analogue display boards are being replaced with a digital information system. The screens to the left provide information on piste maps, temperatures, wind speeds and the risk of avalanche. The screens on the right will be managed with immediate effect by APGISGA Mountain. The network consists of 20 “Mountain Screen Zermatt” displays and enables advertisers to show adverts or animations. Messages are broadcast throughout the whole skiing area and reach affluent target groups. 

The screens along the recently opened “Matterhorn glacier ride” (3,821 above sea level) and in the waiting areas and access routes for the mountain railways are guaranteed to attract attention all year round. Around 300 broadcasts per day and screen with 10-second ads in a 2-minute loop offer advertisers visibility and impact for their campaigns. The weatherproof, state-of-the-art screens have anti-glare protective glass, which is legible even in strong sunlight. 

The 20 Mountain Screen Zermatt 46-inch displays in the skiing area enhance the existing digital range of 4 Mountain ePanels (70 to 80-inch) in the centre of Zermatt and Täsch. APGISGA Mountain's national digital portfolio currently includes 38 digital advertising spaces in mountain areas.

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