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APG|SGA Sustainability Report 2018: overall energy consumption reduced by a good 5%


The 2018 Sustainability Report details the social, environmental and economic performance of APGISGA. Compared with the previous year, the company succeeded in reducing its overall energy consumption by 5% despite expanding its digital installations. The overall environmental impact decreased by around 1% compared with 2017. The current publication reports transparently on how APGISGA lives up to its responsibility in terms of its sustainability strategy “People, Planet, Profit”. With a view to its goals, it again followed the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the year under review.

APG|SGA has published an environmental report for 16 years and has enshrined sustainability firmly in its corporate values. It views social, environmental and economic factors as key to its long-term success. Its holistic approach has been geared to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals since 2018. APG|SGA focuses on five key aspects along the entire value chain and prioritizes performance goals which it can actively influence. APGISGA was awarded a B in the international climate change ranking by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), making it one of the best well-known listed companies. The CDP Climate Score 2018 underscores the ongoing efforts by APGISGA to achieve voluntary high standards as part of its overall sustainability strategy.

Important factors and achievements in 2018
The 5% reduction in energy consumption was achieved by continuously implementing measures in relevant areas such as fuel, heating energy and electricity. In terms of electricity APG|SGA continues to rely on the tried and tested green electricity naturemadeSta. Thanks to far-reaching investments in technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency for digital and backlit advertising media, the digital expansion results in only a marginal increase in electricity consumption. Owing to the growing digital offering, a new benchmark for digital advertising media will be introduced in the near future, as the impact on the environment has so far been calculated separately for each affixed poster. 2 027 927 posters were hung, and the recycling rate for poster waste amounted to 83%. Processes were analyzed with a view to increasing the energy efficiency of working methods and material flows, and route planning was optimized further as part of poster space management. Use of the 157 “green” vehicles and a 10% increase in the amount of biogas used reduced CO2 by 100t. The targeted increase in vehicle fleet efficiency and the ongoing reduction of CO2 to 110g CO2/km in the purchasing of cars was achieved, with the exception of a handful of special vehicles. All figures refer to the same period in 2017.

Quality commitment to society
APG|SGA develops street furniture solutions with added value for public spaces – these include orientation systems for passers-by, shelters and Telecab glass booths with free telephony in Switzerland. It also supports non-commercial social, cultural and sporting partnerships through sponsorship. These efforts are derived from the company’s own convictions and its quality commitment to society. It is encouraging to note that more and more cities, municipalities, partners and investors are recognizing sustainable commitment. This is reflected in APGISGA’s motivation to pull together and take responsibility that goes beyond the targets required by law. 

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