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APG|SGA expands its range of services: new digital branding zones in the largest SBB stations and exclusive displays at Zurich Airport


From 7 October 2019, analogue, digital and interactive products and services can be booked with APG|SGA for the first half of 2020. Exclusive digital branding zones in large SBB stations are an entirely new feature, and so are analogue and digital spaces at Zurich Airport. There are also additional high-impact displays with large-scale advertising formats in city centres and on trains. 

APG|SGA has set itself the objective of continuing to refine its Out of Home services. With innovative Out of Home advertising solutions it works on enhancing the customer experience, optimizing information and interaction possibilities, establishing new, attention-grabbing forms of advertising, and increasing network efficiency and reach.  APG|SGA opens its 2020-21 booking window on 7 October 2019, presenting a range of attractive new products – among them the following selected highlights.

Digital branding zones in SBB train stations
From 2020 six digital branding zones in Zurich's main station will be available to advertisers. Exclusively bookable displays on supplementary ePanels and newly-developed "cubes" guarantee an incomparable impact. The combination of these branding zones in Zurich will create up to 2,877,000 contact opportunities each week. The branding zones were planned according to forward-thinking criteria in close collaboration with SBB’s experts and the authorities. The new digital concept optimizes both advertising impact and footfall, and will also be extended to other large SBB stations in future. 

Exclusive displays at Zurich Airport
APG|SGA now markets the full range of analogue and digital Out of Home advertising at Zurich Airport. Switzerland’s largest airport carries more than 31 million business and leisure passengers a year, and thus offers the ideal platform for premium-segment brands in an international milieu.

Attention-grabbing accents
Classic campaigns in special advertising formats deliver attention-grabbing messages. Two new Megaposters at prime locations in Zurich (Bahnhofstrasse passage and Löwenstrasse concourse) enable companies to showcase their true greatness. Brands can ensure a national presence with large-scale advertising on SBB locomotives, which run all over Switzerland. 

Many more new additions to the APG|SGA portfolio
More new additions and innovations at a glance:

Overview in the pocket planner 
APG|SGA offers more than 300,000 advertising spaces and numerous services. For a practical overview of all analogue, digital and interactive offers, see

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