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Global CDP ranking: APG|SGA receives A- for its environmental measures


APGISGA has been awarded an A- in the climate change ranking by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), making it one of the best well-known listed companies in a national and international comparison of CDP climate scores. This is another improvement on previous years and reflects the efforts made by APG|SGA under its corporate responsibility strategy. 

APG|SGA is a leading company for analogue, digital and mobile Out of Home media in Switzerland, and has made it onto the international CDP climate change ranking leaderboard. CDP provides a global rating system that enables companies to measure and communicate their environmental impact transparently. CDP reviews the information submitted by the companies and calculates the climate score, which is awarded annually on a scale from A (best) to D-. In the current ranking, APG|SGA achieved an excellent result with A- in the global comparison, and has once again improved on past years (2018: C-, 2019: B). APG|SGA is thus one of the most environmentally friendly listed companies in the world according to its CDP score. 

The 2020 climate change ranking shows that the strategies and measures taken by APG|SGA to reduce its environmental impact are having an effect and the current best practices are being applied. GHG emissions (greenhouse gases) were reduced significantly or completely saved. These measures include strongly promoting climate-friendly products, technological developments, and optimized processes within the value chain. 

CEO Markus Ehrle said: “APG|SGA sets itself high standards and has been proactively addressing environmental topics for many years. Sustainability is a key part of APG|SGA's business strategy. For more than twenty years, APG|SGA has been recording its environmental work in sustainability reports in order to provide transparent information to interest groups. In 2017 we introduced a comprehensive corporate responsibility strategy with a more integrated approach, and took part in the CDP report for the first time.”

CFO Beat Hermann said: “We are very happy that, since we first participated in the CDP, we have been able to improve our rating every year. Our A- rating confirms that we are a leader in performance and transparency in the area of climate protection. The business risks caused by climate change are far-reaching – as are our chances to counter them. With our commitment to climate protection we want to meet our social responsibilities as well as the higher expectations of various stakeholders.

APG|SGA’s goals and measures in the areas of corporate responsibility are available in its latest sustainability report.

CDP, an international non-profit rating organization, has been working together with key market players from politics, business and the capital market, including more than 500 institutional investors, for 15 years. It thus offers more than 8,300 companies around the world incentives to disclose and reduce their impact and resource consumption.

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