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Swiss Poster Award: the best Swiss posters of 2019


Of the 36 campaigns nominated, 18 were presented with Swiss Poster Awards – and the vegetarian "Kein Tier im Visier" (Don’t shoot me) campaign was also awarded the accolade of "2019 Poster of the Year". Given the special situation in Switzerland, the gold, silver and bronze trophies will be personally presented to the winners in the next few days. The APG|SGA Poster Night was not held because of the spread of the coronavirus.

The "2019 Poster of the Year" award went to the vegetarian Hiltl restaurant for the well-judged "Kein Tier im Visier" (Don’t shoot me) campaign, created by the Ruf Lanz advertising agency just in time for the opening of the hunting season. "The subject brilliantly sums up the attitude linking all Hiltl campaigns: our enjoyment ought not to be at the expense of other living creatures", says Christian Brändle, Chairman of the Jury and Director of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (Zurich Design Museum). Ruf Lanz secured no fewer than 14 of the 36 finalist nominations, and the agency won a total of seven prizes in various categories. 

The "Poster of the Year" prize was awarded personally last night
The rapid spread of the coronavirus led the Federal Council to class the situation in Switzerland as "extraordinary". The authorities recommended avoiding events placing large numbers of people in closed spaces. For safety reasons the APG|SGA Poster Night on 12 March 2020 in Halle 622 in Zurich Oerlikon was accordingly cancelled. Markus Ehrle, CEO of APG|SGA, expressed his regret, explaining: "Responsibility for people’s health takes precedence. We did not want to expose the invited guests to the danger of infection, so – with heavy hearts – we cancelled the event."

But neither he nor Christian Brändle, chairman of the jury, was willing to give up the role of presenting the "Poster of the Year" award in person. LLast night in Zurich the "Poster of the Year" award was accepted by Patrick Becker and Rolf Hiltl (both Hiltl) and Markus Ruf, Mario Moosbrugger and Isebelle Hauser (both Ruf Lanz). The award was presented in person by Christian Brändle (chairman of the jury and Director of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich) and Markus Ehrle (CEO, APG|SGA). The other trophies – in gold, silver and bronze – will be presented to the winners in the coming days.

Even with no presentations in front of an audience, the 2019 Swiss Poster Award – with over 300 entries submitted – is a major contest, offering bold and creative figures in the advertising industry a platform for outstanding performance: new ideas, innovative Out of Home formats, graphic design. The victorious campaigns show how impactful and impressive the "poster" medium is.

From left: Markus Ehrle, Patrick Becker, Rolf Hiltl, Christian Brändle, Markus Ruf, Mario Moosbrugger and Isabelle Hauser

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Christian Brändle, Director, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich and chairman of the jury
Ausstellungsstrasse 60, 8005 Zurich 

Markus Ehrle, CEO, APG|SGA AG
Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8045 Zurich, T+41 58 220 70 71

All the winners at a glance (PDF)