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APG|SGA launches programmatic advertising


APG|SGA is making its digital offering at prime locations programatically bookable. With immediate effect, over 500 screens are available in large towns and cities as well as at railway stations for programmatic campaigns. “Programmatic” in terms of Out of Home advertising increases the efficiency of digital advertising campaigns in public spaces. Advertising customers and their agencies can thus book spaces much more flexibly and enhance their messages with additional targeting options. 

APG|SGA is bringing Programmatic Digital Out of Home (PDOOH) to the streets and railway stations. The further development of the wide-reaching “poster” medium through to the additional possibility of more precise control of digital screens is an innovation in the Swiss advertising market. The contact-based delivery will be made based on campaign targets and various parameters, such as defined timeframes. This enables advertisers and agencies to reach their target groups more efficiently.

International partners
Specifically, the Swiss market leader APG|SGA works together in an international ecosystem with established partners. VIOOH stands for Viewed Impressions Out of Home and is a supply-side platform (SSP) developed specially for Out of Home media. The platform provides a complete solution for automated trade, data management, content rendering and ad exchange. It is able to integrate numerous data sources and uses self-learning algorithms to improve campaign precision and efficiency. Among other things, precise time-based granularity (e.g. hour-based targeting) is possible. VIOOH is open to all market players and operates both throughout Switzerland and internationally. In the area of third-party data, APG|SGA is also working together with Intervista to render data-based campaigns more precise. 

Concrete performance figures for visibility and impressions
“Over 500 digital, large-scale eBoards and ePanels from APG|SGA can now be controlled programmatically throughout Switzerland with immediate effect. The new technologies guarantee more relevant screening. The concrete digital performance figures of SPR+ are an additional basis for using programmatic advertising also on the basis of impressions”, explains Michael Pevec, Head of Programmatic at APG|SGA. The integration of the independent, transparent digital standard entails another advantage: the level of screening and reach can be tracked at all times.

Breakthrough for “Programmatic”
For APG|SGA, entering programmatic advertising is the logical development of the digital strategy. With “Programmatic” it offers advertisers and agencies genuine added value with immediate effect by making it possible to plan and sell Out of Home advertising inventory tailored to target groups. Including the option of coordinating the booking of digital spaces with planning mobile advertising. An initial programmatic campaign will be available on APG|SGA screens throughout Switzerland in june 2020. More information will follow shortly.

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