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Extraordinary campaign with unique advertising panels: APG|SGA pulls off a logistical masterpiece for Galaxus


Galaxus features an ever-expanding range of products for almost every situation, from the commonplace to the completely unusual. And the biggest online department store in Switzerland will prove it with a new campaign starting on 24 August. More than 3,000 unique panel elements have been individually designed for poster panels, screens and public transport formats. For APG|SGA, this means that each concept has to be positioned or broadcast in exactly the right place, or the campaign will not work as designed. For the consulting team, logistics department and billposters at APG|SGA, this represents an extraordinary and unprecedented challenge in terms of scope.  

This is the first time that such an extensive and unique campaign has been implemented in Europe. It encompasses more than 3,000 individual themes for out of home media panels. The advertising messages highlight top-selling products at individual analogue and digital advertising panel sites. Spots can be broadcast digitally, but the sheer number of posters posed a major logistics challenge. The smooth processing of the large volume of incoming products and the coordination of the installation process for this extraordinary campaign were important key factors. 'APG|SGA found efficient solutions to guarantee the campaign-specific conditions. With such an extraordinary volume of posters to install in German and French-speaking Switzerland, digitalisation helped us to prepare quickly and precisely for a smooth installation process in coordination with Galaxus and the printers at the central logistics centre in Wallisellen,' says Albert Zeqaj, Head Operations at APG|SGA.

Notwithstanding the advancing digitalisation of logistics, people remain at the heart of poster installation: numerous APG|SGA employees from all departments were involved in the manual execution of the job. Each individual poster had to be checked, marked with an identifying text, assigned to its location in the system and presented for visual inspection. This task required a high level of concentration as each poster is unique and was created for a specific advertising space at a very specific location. To facilitate the process, additional visual inspection points were helpful: with the poster ID, billposters were able to check the elements against the assigned advertising locations and attach them to the right place with absolute accuracy.

More information
•    Live on tour with the billposters on 24 August from 8:00 am to about noon.
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