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Out of Home Media

Facts & Figures

  1. 17'500 kilometres is the distance every person in Switzerland will travel in public places in 2020 – where they will be able to experience Out of Home advertising. Out of Home is the media of the future. APG|SGA represents this medium in Switzerland like no other company.
  2. 14 percent of Swiss advertising expenditure is invested in Out of Home advertising. And this figure is rising. Thanks to population growth, attractive poster offers and new advertising opportunities arising from the trend to digitization, but also thanks to poster advertising’s superior and proven sales effectiveness.
  3. 71 percent of the population are favourably or very favourably disposed towards poster advertising.
  4. 1470 poster campaigns are surveyed for advertising effectiveness by the PPI (Poster Performance Index) since 1997.
  5. 836’000 is the number of contacts per week achieved by Switzerland’s best performing postersite – according to SPR+ MobNat.