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To be able to provide advertisers with well-founded decision bases when planning campaigns, APG|SGA extensively researches the impact of Out of Home advertising. The main points of interest are:

  • Choosing the right medium to achieve the advertising objectives
  • Calculated use of budget for optimum advertising pressure
  • The effective design of the advertising medium

All the studies are carried out by independent market research institutes and supported by scientists. The key findings are regularly published online, in publications and as best practice cases.


Factors that influence advertising impact

The message establishes direct contact with the target group. For the message to be taken on board, it is important that it is conveyed effectively and quickly understood. Optimum impact is achieved when the creation process tallies perfectly with the booked advertising media. As is the case for every advertising measure, the impact of a poster campaign also depends on numerous other factors. They include acceptance and effectiveness of the medium as well as exogenous and endogenous influences.






Research by APG|SGA investigates the three key influences:

Advantages of Out of Home advertising

Poster advertising media research

Poster advertising material research