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Who sees posters? What effect do posters have? Do people like them? – APG|SGA has been devoting its attention to such questions for over a hundred years. All of our studies are carried out by independent market research institutes and supported by independent scientists. We differentiate between:

  • Poster advertising media research
  • Poster advertising material research
  • Best Practice


Subject of study Type of study  
  Studies on posters advertising media Studies on posters as advertising material
Poster sites Contact opportunities Poster site quality and recollection
Poster networks Contact opportunities and Reach

recall values

  Media performance Media effectiveness





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Effective digital Out of Home advertising

easyJet gives station users that “summer feeling”

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Return on Investment of classic media

  • Posters deliver the greatest leverage for increasing sales and among all classic media generate the greatest return on investment (ROI). On average, EUR 1 spent on advertising produces EUR 2.10 in sales revenue for the customer.
  • The sales effect of posters is five times their average share in the media mix.
  • Within the scope of mixed campaigns, posters also sustainably improve the ROI of the other media.