Content: Advantages of Out of Home advertising

Advantages of Out of Home advertising


Out of Home advertising is an important component of the media mix. No other medium presents advertising messages in a larger format or a more direct way to the wider public. Continuous population growth, increasing mobility and the shift in media habits provide the ideal setting in which to efficiently unleash the impact of Out of Home advertising.



Out of Home advertising is the best way to connect with young audiences

Quickly reaching the target group and repeated exposure to the advertising message are important factors in the success of an advertising campaign. Out of Home advertising reaches the wider public, has a rapid impact and is present as people go about their daily lives. These advantages are also reflected in reach, which can be maximized with Out of Home media. Compared with other media, Out of Home advertising is particularly effective at reaching young and mobile target groups.





Posters achieve the highest ROI

Of all the conventional media, posters achieve the highest return on investment (ROI). According to a study by Hamburg-based BrandScience (2010) of campaigns from Germany and Switzerland, one euro invested in advertising delivers an average of 2.10 euros in sales for the customer. This means the sales effectiveness of the poster is five times higher than its average share of the media mix.





Posters top the popularity stakes

Being noticed and liked is important to many people – and attention and appeal are essential in advertising. Out of Home advertising provides advertising managers with a popularly accepted medium for achieving both. A recent study by Innofact confirms that posters are the most appealing advertising medium and are perceived as the least intrusive.


Question: How likeable is advertising in the following media/advertising channels to you personally?


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Question: Do you consider advertising in the following media/advertising channels as disturbing, i.e. is it annoying or obstructive when using the medium?


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