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Poster advertising media research


Swiss Poster Research Plus AG: The independent fundamental poster research

Swiss Poster Research Plus AG is a scientific, impartial and transparent Swiss research institute for Out of Home media and mobility. It analyses the mobility of the Swiss population and correlates this with individual poster panels, measuring such things as the number of opportunities to see a poster panel (poster contacts), weighted according to visibility. On the basis of the demonstrated contact values it is possible to determine the performance of a poster campaign in advance and thus use the poster-advertising budget optimally.

Poster contact

SPR+ provides transparent contact values – specifically for each individual space. The individual Poster contact value is thus the decisive factor in setting the prices for street and railway station poster panels. To arrive at this value, the number of passages by persons past a poster are logged and weighted using the following visibility factors:

  • Passage angle
  • Passage speed
  • Time of day
  • Clustering (no. of poster panels per location)
  • Poster changes (no. of visuals)

2018 APG|SGA pricing system based on SPR+ MobNat (2.1 MB)

Revised performance values

In 2016, a follow-up to the SPR+ study was carried out, entitled SPR+ MobNat, which stands for Mobility follow-up survey and National model.

SPR+ MobNat is based on a national mobility model including people frequency for each street section in Switzerland. It takes into account how many people live in Switzerland, who they are, where they live and work and how many of them are travelling at a given time, where to and for what purpose. This mobility data for the Swiss population is correlated with all the poster panels in Switzerland.

The advantages compared with the previous GPS research are:

Comprehensive performance ratings: The new SPR+ MobNat gives complete up-to-date performance ratings for posters in the whole of Switzerland – including for the first time municipalities outside the conurbations. In addition, thanks to its inter-agglomeration mobility data, the study also takes into account poster contacts for persons who commute between agglomerations.

Flexible selection of target areas: In addition to performance ratings at national level, SPR+ MobNat now also offers local customers in particular the possibility to individually define target areas, providing for example performance ratings for poster campaigns in freely-selected municipality constellations or in catchment areas and locations where the clients have branches.

Inter-media comparisons: Thanks to the updating of the data and the consistent weighting of visibility factors, SPR+ MobNat gives concrete performance ratings that can be used in strategic inter-media comparisons.

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Professional campaign planning

With the planning tool SPR+ Expert you can simulate, plan, optimize and control campaigns. SPR+ Expert provides visibility-weighted poster contacts for each outdoor advertising space as well as reach, OTS, GRP, CPM, CPP and affinity for provider-independent outdoor advertising campaigns. Booking schedules showing cost, performance and panel overviews can be generated at the click of a button.

For more details concerning the study and SPR+ Expert see: