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Best of Poster Performance Index (PPI) 20122017


Be inspired by effective poster campaigns.

Here you will find the top 10 of the last five years of poster advertising research. All campaigns that are tested in the PPI are characterized by an OoHM advertising pressure of at least 2000 GRP and have been visible in the five largest urban areas in Switzerland for at least 7 days. (further details about the PPI)

Sort by industry or by one of the survey criteria (recall, brand recognition, appeal of the campaign) and immerse yourself into the world of successful poster campaigns.

Top 10 campaigns of "all"
2012—2017 (in randomized order)
Survey criterion: Recall

Visilab offre printemps (2017)

Zalando Season Start Men (2017)

Schweizerische Volkspartei SVP Masslosigkeit schadet (2014)

Migros XMas Wichtel (2017)

Migros Von uns. Von hier. (3) (2017)

Migros Gen.-Bund Hasenpromo (2016)

Sunrise Communications AG Nokia / HD-TV (2012)

Migros Gen.-Bund MegaWin EM (2016)

Salt Mobile SA Orange Me (2013)

Salt Mobile SA Auflösung Salt (2015)