ChannelOOH! – what people watch.

APG|SGA ChannelOOH! is the unique, digital range of moving image communications at APG|SGA. It is specifically targeted at the sought-after 15–49 age group.

This precise, nationwide network of digital ePanels and eBoards in railway stations and city centre locations can be programmed to display your message within precisely defined timeframes. Your advertising will be seen by just the kind of young, mobile customers whose changing media consumption habits make them so hard to reach otherwise.

ChannelOOH! uses purely digital technology, and proves particularly cost-effective.


Key facts and figures for ChannelOOH!

Challenge: reaching target groups despite changing media consumption


The no. 1 problem in the advertising industry: 
reaching the target group

  • 60% of respondents said their greatest challenge is reaching their target audience

  • Since 2019, this has risen by 10%, from 50% to 60%!


Result: major loss of reach among the 15–49 age group


The solution: being where the mobile customers are

Jackpot: with ChannelOOH!

1.     Targeted at ‘prime time’ mobility of the 15–49 age group 
2.     DOOH moving images in public spaces
3.     Wide reach available to book nationally or by language region 
4.     Good acceptance among target group
5.     Premium segment in public spaces
6.     Brand safety 
7.     Guaranteed visibility 

The most mobile of all age groups 


National reach of Channel OOH! 


With ChannelOOH!, you can set your sights on a young, mobile target group.

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