The most flexible Digital Out of Home offer in Switzerland

New and only at APG|SGA, you can book digital outdoor advertising entirely according to your needs. You receive your individual solution for every budget.

Digital Out of Home is becoming increasingly important. At APG|SGA, high-quality, large-scale advertising media at absolute top locations guarantee a striking advertising presence in a well-tended environment.

In addition to the proven and popular classic Digital Out of Home offer (10-second spot in a 60- or 120-second loop), we have expanded the digital offer for you. These are the innovations:

  • Flexible broadcast

  • Precise control of the performance

  • Customized budget

  • Presence at the locations of your choice

According to a recently published study by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, it is highly unlikely that power-supply security in Switzerland will be at risk this winter. Thanks to the measures introduced by the Federal Council, which are supported by both individuals and companies, energy consumption will be covered in the most likely scenarios.

As a result, it is extremely unlikely that a shutdown will be imposed on the advertising screens operated by APG|SGA. However, should a worst-case scenario (in the form of an enforced, complete shutdown) occur, we assure you that we will switch from digital campaigns to analogue poster sites for all your pre-booked advertising. For your peace of mind, we will cover the full costs of the required poster printing, up to CHF 30,000.

And it works this simple

In the future, you will be able to choose from three attractive booking options – one well-established and two new options.

1. Still bookable – as before: You book your daily/weekly booking or the desired time slot in the existing repeat frequencies of 60 or 120 seconds. You define the location and the duration. The price and the broadcast are fixed.

2. New: Do you want to use more budget than for a «normal» daily, weekly or time slot booking (according to point 1) and really boost your campaign? Then you can efficiently increase your advertising pressure and the reach of your campaign. You determine your budget individually and use it flexibly according to weeks, days of the week, location, and time slot.

3. New: Is your budget limited (lower than the fixed price according to point 1) and do you nevertheless wish to benefit from a strong advertising presence on the digital screens of APG|SGA? Optimize the advertising pressure according to your needs. With a price surcharge of 20%, you can be present on the digital advertising media with any budget.

Your fields of application all our communication spaces

Communication spaces Streets & Squares, Railway stations and Public transport
Formats ePanel, eBoard and TrafficMediaScreen (except Transports publics lausannois and Regionalbus Lenzburg AG)
Booking option Flexible use of budget and advertising pressure according to weeks, days of the week, location, and time slot1
Exclusion: The Rail ePanels in the Big10 Railway stations2 are excluded from the time slot bookings


1 Primetime morning (05.00 - 09.00), Shopping (09.00 - 16.00), Primetime evening (16.00 - 20.00), Evening (20.00 - 01.00)

2 Genève Cornavin, Lausanne CFF, Lausanne M2, Luzern, St. Gallen, Basel, Biel/Bienne, Bern, Winterthur, Zürich main station/ShopVille and Lugano

Communication spaces POI/POS
Formats ePanel
Booking option Flexible use of budget and advertising pressure according to weeks, days of the week and location


Communication spaces Airports and Mountains
Formats ePanel and eBoard
Booking option Flexible use of budget and advertising pressure according to weeks and location

Inspiring case studies

A retail company has a promotion week coming up. To attract as many customers as possible, the company implements a digital outdoor advertising campaign on streets and squares as well as in train stations during the promotion week. A standardized 10-second spot is booked in a 60-second loop. With additional, individual budget, the company increases the advertising pressure of the campaign throughout the week with an even distribution on all days.


Communication needs Promotion week
Industry Retail (e.g. shoe store, optical store)
Locality Regional & national
Communication space/location Streets & squares, railway stations
Solution High advertising pressure during promotion week

An automobile garage in the Zürich Oberland has decided to hold an «open house day». It wants to encourage as many customers as possible to visit. To achieve this, the garage implements a regional digital outdoor advertising campaign for one week and also uses additional budget to boost advertising pressure on the event day.


Communication needs Open house day
Industry Handcraft (e.g. gardening, carpentry, painting store, garage)
Locality Regional
Communication space/location Streets & squares, railway stations, public transport
Solution Punctual increase of the reach on the day of the event

A bowling center offers special prices on days with lower turnover. In order to inspire customers to make a spontaneous visit, it communicates these prices with a regional DOOH campaign. The advertising runs only on the days with lower turnover and this for four weeks. In addition, it intensifies the advertising pressure from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. (time slot primetime evening), as this is the most popular time for bowling.


Communication needs Special prices on days with low demand
Industry Service (e.g. bowling center)
Locality Regional
Communication space/location Streets & squares, railway stations, public transport
Solution Advertising presence during low-turnover days to promote special prices for four weeks (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday). Reinforcement with suitable time slots (e.g. primetime evening).

Digital Out of Home – without any blocking points 


Outdoor advertising is where people like to look. It is not possible or necessary to zap away, because outdoor advertising is likeable. There is no need for adblockers or stop-advertising stickers, and there is no danger of ad fraud (faking an advertising service that has not been provided). Competing Out of Home Media face these and other challenges to maintaining your contacts, but digital outdoor advertising does not, because it is authentic, honest, and unavoidable.



Sources: WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung, Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband SWA, Mediapulse, Statista, 20 Minuten

Your benefits at a glance

  • More flexibility and application possibilities for DOOH bookings

  • Sovereign control of the performance

  • Wide-ranging network of over 1,000 large-scale ePanels and eBoards

  • Excellent value for money

  • Modern and innovative booking option

  • Easy handling and advice by your sales consultant

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