aymo by APG|SGA: the most precise mobile ads in Switzerland.

Define where your mobile ads should appear, down to the metre

aymo mobile targeting by APG|SGA is the most precise mobile advertising in Switzerland. The location data technology developed especially for aymo uses real-time data from leading, high-reach Swiss mobile apps. More than 3.8 million location data points are generated every day.

This means you can define the area that is particularly relevant for your campaign – down to the metre. Freely adaptable polygons and perimeters on the geographical map are used to narrow down the geographic target group. The outstanding targeting precision of aymo mobile targeting leads to a huge increase in the relevance of your advertising message in terms of time and place. Find your target groups on their smartphones. The future is now.


Seline Guggisberg has been at APG|SGA for seven years and is Head of Partner & Account Management for aymo mobile targeting.  She’s an expert in Out of Home and mobile media, and in this interview, she outlines the cookie-less future of marketing.

Seline Guggisberg, do you like cookies?
(laughs): «No, not really. I prefer savoury snacks and I have a weakness for home-made finger food.»

But the whole advertising industry is talking about cookies! What makes them so irresistible to marketers?
«That’s a big question. Originally, cookies were supposed to simplify online surfing – for example, by remembering user interests or making it easier to enter long user names and passwords. So the success of cookies as a marketing tool is based on huge user profile datasets that are passed on to operators, which contain details like language and site settings, email addresses, logins and websites accessed. You can use these datasets to identify target groups that can be used for marketing activities. Cookies are currently one of the most important technologies for delivering advertising online. The aim is to utilise user preferences in order to display appropriate ad banners and products on websites.»

Meanwhile, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data-minimising browsers oppose these strategies. How do these factors interact?
«First-party cookies will persist. These are cookies that are set up by website operators themselves to do things like ensuring user-friendliness. Tech giants like Apple and Google have promised an end to third-party cookies by some time in 2023 at the latest. This will have far-reaching consequences for tracking and digital marketing, as it affects all data collected by third parties for use exclusively in marketing activities. Marketers will have to do without this data in future.»

What’s behind the removal of third-party cookies?
«The number one reason why the era of third-party cookies is coming to an end is data protection. It’s been clear since the introduction of the GDPR if not before that using cookies for tracking will become more difficult, if not completely impossible. This process has already been happening for months, and marketers are racking their brains over it – there’s a lot that’s still unclear. That’s why the advertising industry is talking about a cookie apocalypse.»

The end of the cookie is nigh. What will the consequences be?
«In short, online ad delivery will forfeit precision and speed. For larger target groups, advertising costs and wastage will increase. Options for measuring central metrics and KPIs will also be reduced. Of course, the consequences will be even further-reaching, but discussing them all would go beyond the scope of this interview.»

How can APG|SGA help advertisers?
«In future, advertisers will have to focus even more on building and maintaining relationships of trust with their customers. Out of Home media and aymo aren’t affected by this cookie-less future and will continue to offer complete security. APG|SGA guarantees its customers «data with integrity», rapid reach, high visibility and hard performance data for posters, screens and mobile media.»

And how does the post-cookie world look for aymo mobile advertising at APG|SGA?
«The fact is that aymo already has established alternatives to third-party cookies. For example, our location-based advertising, which offers people anonymous mobile advertising on their smartphones. The location data technology developed by APG|SGA in 2017 is based on a direct data connection to 19 high-quality Swiss apps that generate more than four million location data points a day. Using these, we can locate target groups down to the metre and greatly increase the relevance of advertising messages in terms of time and place. To do so, we use accurate, validated first-party GPS data. Ads are displayed in the desired premium environment, with local, regional and national coverage on offer. Our portfolio consists of six different products, all of which generate target groups using location identifiers and are fully compliant with data protection requirements. It’s a new way of thinking – a long way from traditional target group classification using sociodemographic data.»

Hand on heart – what do you do when you’re asked to consent to cookies?
«Like 80% of other users in Wunderman Thompson’s privacy report, I want security and control over my data. If possible, I select only the essential cookies.»

Seline Guggisberg, many thanks for this interview and your expert insights!



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