Content: Responsibility


«We are responsible for what we do, but also for what we do not do. » (Voltaire, French author, 1694-1778)


Responsibility – a term that more and more companies are embedding in their corporate strategy. At APG|SGA SA, this is not just an empty notion to us: our company is committed in all kinds of areas to fulfilling its responsibility, specifically:


  1. Towards our employees

To quote from our corporate principle, «Our employees are the cornerstone of our success». Just as in a “normal” partnership, we stand firm in this commitment, not just when times are good, but also when the going gets tough. We offer an attractive and progressive salary system, contemporary employment conditions and modern workplaces. Furthermore, as a company that trains apprentices, we also ensure that skilled professionals are available to the business sector in future.


  1. Towards our environment

With energy-saving advertising media at home and abroad, and one of Switzerland's biggest natural gas-fuelled vehicle fleets, we actively look after the environment, every single day. We position and design advertising in the public space with intuitive flair, for the benefit of everyone. The contributions we pay to the government and private partners help us achieve this.


  1. To the further development of the out-of-home medium

As a leading Out of Home advertising company, APG|SGA SA is committed to continuously developing the Out of Home medium. Since 2008, clients have been able to visualize advertising campaigns using the online map tool InterMedia Map. And, together with the independent Swiss research institute SPR+, APG|SGA SA is making the success of Out of Home advertising measurable and transparent – just two examples of our commitment to the medium.

  1. Towards our business partners and investors

APG|SGA SA is committed not just to maximizing profits in the short term, but to enduring partnerships. We have a reputation among our stakeholders for reliability, continuity and quality, traits that are valued by investors and business partners at home and abroad.