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Take advantage of the openness of winter sports enthusiasts to advertising in the mountains. It has an extremely high sympathy factor and contributes to a lasting reception of the advertising message.

Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing – there are no limits to winter fun in the Swiss mountains. The unique ambience in the mountains attracts winter sports enthusiasts and causes a good, carefree feeling. It is precisely in such emotional moments that the surrounding advertising messages are perceived as extremely positive as well as entertaining and have the greatest impact on the purchase decision. This is particularly advantageous because the population stratum found here earns above average.


APG|SGA's versatile range of analog and digital advertising media offers you exclusive as well as innovative advertising opportunities to reach active winter sports enthusiasts. Secure a place for your local, regional or cross-ski resort advertising campaign on the top sellers: the highly visible BigPoster, the optimally placed F12P, amidst the piste information on the Time/Information Boards or on the strikingly eye-catching Pylon Poster at the ski lifts. Take the chance now and place your advertising message in the mountains.


Great brands deserve a great presence  

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Compelling offers at a glance

Advertising is very welcome in winter sports areas

The feeling of freedom in the mountains is indescribable. This emotional environment gives the advertising messages a special effect: analog as well as digital advertising is perceived more strongly and seen as a welcome change during waiting times and the BigPosters impress with their size. 


Intervista survey «Advertising in winter sports resorts» 2019-2021
MACH Consumer - the largest continuous consumer media study in Switzerland and Liechtenstein




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