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Zürich Airport - Rail eBoard

Facts & Figures

  1. Average footfall of 331,300 people per week
  2. One of the busiest stations in Switzerland with 300 trains a day
  3. Eurocity, Intercity and S-Bahn station
  4. Zurich Airport: 29.4 million passengers a year
  5. Zurich Airport shopping: Sales of CHF 576 million a year


Advertising media Rail eBoard
Format 16:9, projection screen, 12 m2, in full HD quality
Number of advertising media 2
Booking unit at least 1 day
Content advertising, news and meteo
Loop 120 seconds
Spot length 10 to 90 seconds
Animation still picture or animation
Number of broadcasts 2,100 per week
Timing all screens play content synchronously
Restrictions alcohol, tobacco

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