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APG|SGA – a loyal and reliable partner

APG|SGA has been conducting business for more than 100 years. We have our roots throughout Switzerland, and have links with the individual regions. Your contact person will always be someone in your vicinity. Working together with us is uncomplicated, non-bureaucratic and based on trust:

  1. Conclusion of a simple leasing contract
  2. Annual payments to yourself
  3. No outlay: We will carry out the licensing process, and the installation, care and maintenance of the billboards at our own cost.


Your real estate – Our resource

We install, maintain and look after poster panels throughout Switzerland. We install them on sites belonging to private owners, as well as on the properties of public authorities. For us, these panels are the raw material from which we create our products.

We are constantly working to improve our offer. Do you have a suitable location? 

Please contact us.