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Performance model

The APG|SGA performance model gathers the needs of our market partners together within the context of a continuing dialogue.


This model has been designed to ensure that we remain the most attractive business partner for integrated and innovative solutions in the Out of Home Media market in the future. Together with our stakeholders groups, we define and develop the next level of Out of Home Media in Switzerland and invest in the matter of intrusted ad spaces and locations, as well as in new technologies.

Successful Out of Home communication is achieved when its goals and initiatives are shared and supported by society and its institutions. We are therefore continually developing our products and services in dialogue with our customers and partners based on new technologies and consumer needs.

In the future, technological advances in communication and competition between the different types of media will have a significant impact on Out of Home Media. This is why the digitization of our market is currently playing a key role in the development of APG|SGA. We have not kept digital and analogue separate within our organization. On the contrary; we have combined our competencies and expertise in these areas throughout the company.


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  1. Our market partners Private landowners, town and municipal authorities and public transport organizations earn substantial revenues from their advertising spaces. Our services benefit them in areas such as cultural promotion, street furniture and information systems.

  2. Our Out of Home Media services provide advertisers with the most effective media available. We help them achieve an optimum ROI for their budgets with the powerful communication effectiveness of outdoor advertising – at local, regional or national level.

  3. Catering for the creative demands of advertising and media agencies can be a daunting task, but our advisors and service providers are happy to take on the challenge of finding new ways of delivering their brand messages.