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The independent fundamental poster research

Swiss Poster Research Plus AG is a scientific, impartial Swiss research institute for Out of Home media and mobility. It analyses the mobility of the Swiss population and correlates this with individual poster panels on Swiss streets and at railway stations, for all providers, measuring such aspects as the number of opportunities to see a poster space (poster contacts), weighted according to visibility. The latest study is called SPR+ MobNat.


National Mobility Model

The SPR+ MobNat study is based on a national mobility model that measures footfall for every street section  in Switzerland. It takes into account how many people live in Switzerland, who they are, where they live and work and how many of them are travelling when, where and for what purpose.

You will find all the details of the study at:



Poster contact

To calculate transparent contact values, the mobility of the Swiss population is correlated with each individual poster panel in Switzerland. The number of passages by persons past a poster are also weighted using the following visibility factors:

  • Passage angle
  • Passage speed
  • Time of day
  • Clustering (no. of panels per location)
  • Poster changers (no. of visuals)

This calculation yields the individual poster contact value for each panel. It provides information about a poster’s quantitative performance and, as such, is the decisive factor in setting the prices for street and railway station poster spaces.

2019 APG|SGA pricing system based on SPR+ MobNat (623.1 KB)


Advantages of in-depth advertising media research
  • Optimum use of budget: Based on the known contact values, quantitative performance values such as reach, OTS, GRP and CPM can be calculated at the planning stage.
  • Ease of use in inter-media comparisons: Thanks to the comprehensive mobility model and the use of visibility factors to consistently weight each poster space, SPR+ MobNat yields concrete performance ratings that can be used in strategic inter-media comparisons.
  • Nationwide, up-to-date data: SPR+ MobNat provides complete performance ratings for all posters in the whole of Switzerland, and also takes into account poster contacts for people who commute between, or live outside conurbations.
  • Individual definition of target areas: In addition to performance ratings at national level, SPR+ MobNat also offers local customers in particular the ability to individually define target locations, providing, for example, performance values for poster campaigns in freely-selected municipality constellations or in catchment areas and locations where the clients have branches.
  • Practical controlling and benchmarking tool: In combination with the qualitative performance values in the Poster Performance Index (recall, brand recognition and appeal), the customer obtains specific information about how efficiently each franc was invested in advertising.


Professional campaign planning

Swiss Poster Research Plus AG provides a professional poster planning tool for anyone who requires it: “SPR+ Expert”. Booking schedules, performance values (reach, OTS, GRP, CPM, CPP or affinity) or panel overviews can be simulated, planned, optimized and controlled for provider-independent poster campaigns at the click of a button. The licence for the tool can be ordered directly at