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The booking window for the first half of 2020 opens for you on 7 October 2019.
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Key points for a successful Out of Home advertising campaign:


  1. Exclusive OOH range at Zurich Airport
    From January 2020, APG|SGA will be exclusively marketing the range of analog and digital Out of Home advertising at Zurich Airport. Switzerland’s largest airport carries more than 31 million business and leisure passengers a year. With its prestigious image, it provides an ideal stage for brands wanting to showcase themselves in an international environment. More


  1. Digital branding zones in SBB train stations
    The range of ePanels at the large SBB stations in Switzerland is being redesigned. From 2020, it will be possible to exclusively present products and brands in digital branding zones. The new offering will guarantee an exceptionally high impact on commuters. Zurich main station will be first with several branding zones in different walkways. The combination of different branding zones in Zurich will create contact opportunities with up to 2,877,000 passers-by each week. More


  1. Four new eBoards at Geneva Eaux Vives station
    The “Léman Express” is the new, cross-border S-Bahn service in the greater Geneva area due to commence operations at the end of 2019. At the same time, APG|SGA is increasing its range of eBoards in the Geneva area with four new eBoards at Geneva’s Eaux Vives station. This will ensure that the rising number of passengers can be reached with digital advertising messages. More


  1. Impressive MegaPoster at Zurich main station
    This year, companies in the Bahnhofstrasse passage and the Löwenstrasse concourse will be able to achieve true greatness. Two new MegaPoster sites will offer space of up to 34 m2 for unmissable, high-impact brand presentations. More


  1. New location for promotional area at Zurich main station
    The P2 promotional area in the Wannerhalle is moving. It will now be located directly in the flow of customers in front of the north wing (Landesmuseum entrance), between the SBB Travel Centre and the new Amavita pharmacy. More (in German)


  1. Elevator projection in the City West shopping centre in Chur
    The digital range at the City West shopping centre is being enhanced by an innovative pilot project. In collaboration with Schindler Aufzüge AG, four new projectors will cast adverts onto elevator doors and entertain high-spending visitors while they wait. More


  1. Expansion of interior advertising on SBB's local and long-distance services
    Interior public transport advertising attracts a lot of attention, as passengers have plenty of time to take in information about products and services during their journey. In addition to the existing range in more than 126 tram and bus companies, the product portfolio on SBB's long-distance and S-Bahn services will be expanded with attractive RailPosters. More


  1. Large-scale advertising on SBB locomotives
    Effective immediately, brands can be presented extra-large on SBB passenger and SBB Cargo locomotives. The advertising messages will travel throughout Switzerland, guaranteeing a national presence. More


  1. Range expanded in Saas-Fee
    With 150 km of ski pistes and a panorama of 18 peaks at 4,000 m, Saas-Fee is one of Switzerland's best ski regions. High-impact analog advertising spaces in various formats can now be booked in this attractive setting. This is an ideal addition to the range of top destinations in the Swiss Alps. More (in German)


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