The “F12” has been a game-changer for poster formats. Whether it’s placed on busy streets, along main thoroughfares, in railway stations or in car parks, it never fails to stand out.

Advertising medium: Poster
Format: Landscape
Minimum booking unit: 1 week
Price: From CHF 247

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Communication spaces

Once someone steps out of their front door in Switzerland, they head off to streets, squares, railway stations, shopping centres, the mountains, airports and other points of interest. Advertising messages make the biggest impact if they’re placed where the hustle and bustle is – especially if they can be scheduled to appear in the right place at the right time. As the market leader for outdoor advertising, APG|SGA serves all relevant communication spaces in Switzerland, ensuring your advertising message appears whenever and wherever your target groups are present.

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The traditional printed poster format is the oldest outdoor advertising medium and is a much-loved part of our everyday lives. Posters can convey advertising messages clearly and powerfully to thousands of people in no time at all. APG|SGA offers this absolute classic format as individual panels or whole poster networks in a variety of combinations.

Plan and book with APG|SGA easy

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