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City ePanel

Advertising presence at the VBZ hotspots


Benefit from an unmissable advertising presence at the VBZ tram stops in Zürich and transmit your advertising message flexibly and efficiently to your target group.

Product overview

  1. 6 digital City ePanels at VBZ stops
  2. high chances of contact with commuters, city-shoppers and tourists
  3. still image with flexible booking opportunities starting from one day
  4. in combination with the Citystar F200L Zürich product you benefit from a discount of 20% on your City ePanels Zürich bookings until the end of the year


There are more digital advertising opportunities in Zürich at the train stations Zürich HB, Enge and Stadelhofen

Location overview

Karte ePanel Zürich.jpg

You will find each location with a photo on the detailed map.

Spot production

Cost-effective production starting from CHF 190.– 

Spot sample still image

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