With Swisscom’s Wingo, APG|SGA realises the first programmatic Digital Out of Home campaign with Google DV360 in Switzerland

March 7, 2024

Programmatic Digital Out of Home (PDOOH) is one of the major growth drivers in the industry. APG|SGA, the leading Out of Home advertising company in Switzerland, has been relying on VIOOH’s international supply-side platform (SSP) since its inception in 2019. More than 40 demand-side platforms (DSPs) are connected to these worldwide. DV360 (Google’s DSP) has been available for Digital Out of Home since December 2023 and can therefore be booked with VIOOH. The first exclusive PDOOH campaign in Switzerland with Google DV360 was successfully implemented with the client Wingo, media agency Mediaschneider and provider APG|SGA.

The PDOOH campaign started on 14 December 2023 with Wingo’s “BrandDay”. Over 550 ePanels and 43 eBoards from APG|SGA were used employing moving images. Google’s DSP, DV360, and VIOOH’s SSP carried out the campaigns according to the predefined criteria. With more than 4.1 million contacts and a reach of 20% in just one day, Wingo gained maximum attention in German and French-speaking Switzerland at the start of the campaign. From 15 December 2023, specific geo-targeting was used to target the ePanels and eBoards located in the immediate vicinity of Wingo’s competitors to encourage the young target group to switch providers. The campaign was supplemented by additional target group targeting: it focused on commuters on weekdays and Christmas shoppers on weekends. In the period from 15 to 19 December 2023, more than 8 million contacts were generated with a reach of 34%.

Michael Jakob, Communication Functional Lead at Wingo, is pleased with the results, stating: “As a curious marketer, I am always open to new and innovative ways of purchasing media. Together with Google and APG|SGA, we used the most advanced technology on the market and achieved enormous reach in a short period of time, which was extremely important for such a short campaign run. The results were astonishing. As first movers, we are excited to see what awaits us in the near future.”

Yves Mäder, Head of Data Solutions and Platforms at Google, is very satisfied with the implementation by APG|SGA and VIOOH, saying: “We are very pleased that, together with APG|SGA, we are able to offer Digital Out of Home campaigns programmatically on the Swiss market via Google DV360.”

Gavin Wilson, Global Chief Customer & Revenue Officer at VIOOH, says: “Programmatic is the ideal channel for easy and flexible access to APG|SGA’s high-quality DOOH inventory. It’s impressive how successful the campaign for Wingo has been thanks to the collaboration between VIOOH and Google DV360.”

Michael Pevec, Head of Programmatic DOOH & aymo Mobile Targeting at APG|SGA, sees great potential in the future regarding implementation with Google DV360: “By connecting Google’s DV360 to VIOOH, even more customers now have the opportunity to purchase our Switzerland-wide inventory efficiently and easily. Thanks to Wingo’s innovative strength, we were able to secure the ideal partner for the launch.”


Nadja Mühlemann
Head of PR / press office