Cities and municipalities ­– attractive ­solutions.

Why you should enter a partnership with APG|SGA

Well-maintained, integrated into their surroundings, judiciously placed at appropriate locations – the advertising panels enjoy optimal occupancy and guarantee attractive, sustainable revenue options for cities and municipalities. With tailored products and services in the field of outdoor advertising, APG|SGA turns any space into a win-win solution for advertising partners and customers.

APG|SGA – a strong, experienced and reliable partner.

As the market leader in digital and analogue outdoor advertising, APG|SGA endeavours to work with cities and municipalities, as well as partners, to develop aesthetically pleasing, sustainable solutions. The goal: advertising spaces that offer genuine added value to lessors as well as advertisers. To achieve this, APG|SGA canvasses the views of its marketing partners through regular, sustained dialogue.

APG|SGA takes responsibility.


APG|SGA takes responsibility for the aesthetic presentation of public spaces. It works with cities, municipalities and transport companies, as well as private property and site owners, and in consultation with architects, city planners and social researchers, to develop solutions for infrastructure and street furniture. Its aim is to achieve a harmonious combination of public design and communication in shared spaces.

A great example of customised street furniture can be found in Winterthur, where architecturally ambitious bus shelters meet new, digital City ePanels from APG|SGA. 


Every week, at every poster site, APG|SGA is actively involved in maintaining cleanliness and quality of life in public spaces. The company’s poster installers don’t just guarantee top quality in poster hanging, they also reduce damage caused by vandalism and keep sites and their surroundings clean and tidy.


Switzerland is one of the community of countries that have committed to reducing CO2 emissions. APG|SGA is 100% behind this important endeavour. Environmental issues form part of its core values and feature prominently in company decisions.

Its firm commitment means APG|SGA is well on course in many areas and has even set standards – with a green vehicle fleet, green electricity, biodegradable materials and much more besides. APG|SGA sees itself as a role model, helping city concession partners achieve the goals of Energiestadt Switzerland and poster customers conduct their campaigns to the highest environmental standards.

  • Joint planning process with local APG|SGA acquisition teams

  • Development of individual solutions in the services sector in the form of cultural promotion, street furniture, bus shelters, information systems, etc.

  • Responsibility for planning and construction costs lies with APG|SGA     

  • Professional development and seamless management of agreed advertising panels 

  • Regular maintenance and cleaning work around the poster sites

  • Reliable, prompt transfer of agreed revenues

Sustainable added value: advertising panels and services

APG|SGA guarantees its contractual partners not just attractive financial conditions but also secure, long-term quality in all products and services. As a market leader with strong international links, it can offer your partners the latest products and new solution concepts that are unrivalled in Switzerland for scope and configuration. Concession partners benefit just as much from the resulting added value as advertisers and their agencies.

APG|SGA develops infrastructure and street furniture solutions

Mobility is the growth driver for cities and municipalities – and for APG|SGA. The greater the mobility and the higher the footfall in public areas, the greater the requirements in configuring these living spaces. APG|SGA develops infrastructure and street furniture solutions for the perfect alliance of public design and communication in public spaces – the examples below will give you an idea of the range of possibilities.

F200L freistehend Cityplan

Up-to-date information and guidance aids serve the interests of public property owners and passers-by. The city map (analogue or digital) in combination with advertising is a classic for a reason – an essential component of many an urban environment. They offer clear information, much-needed orientation and colourful diversion.

The innovative, digital solutions from APG|SGA link directly to the public property owner’s website CMS, while also offering on-site interaction options. You gain additional communication and information channels, which inspire residents and tourists alike – without extra administrative costs.


The type and configuration of the shelter, the planning of the location, execution and assembly – everything is discussed and defined in close cooperation. That could mean implementing a proven model or developing a custom solution. The cooperation with the world’s largest outdoor advertising company, JC Decaux, means APG|SGA can even offer waiting facilities by world-class architects like Lord Norman Foster.

WC Anlage

Even a self-cleaning toilet facility can be the centre of attention. Here, APG|SGA evaluates the installation possibilities and develops technical and aesthetically pleasing solution proposals for the city.


The arts require space, which is why APG|SGA supports cultural organisations with poster hanging at chosen sites at defined intervals. Cultural posters can encompass small posters, temporary posters, election posters, etc.


F4 Wandmontiert

Political advertising has to be particularly high impact. No other medium motivates the electorate more directly and with greater emotional force than posters. With media fragmentation constantly accelerating, the poster is now considered the most important mass medium. Motifs that are positioned in public sites with high footfall enjoy enormous visibility. The huge range of APG|SGA digital and analogue advertising formats allows for particularly accurate and effective strategies. Political posters can even have a short-term impact on electoral forecasts.

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