Relevance in time and place increases outdoor advertising impact.

You can coordinate the time and place of your outdoor advertising with the content and goals of your campaigns. Each day brings multiple points of contact. This lends outdoor advertising proven strength in advertising impact. If required, digital screens can be configured in real time, with local content. People encounter APG|SGA out of home media as they’re going about their lives. 


Number of contacts throughout the day


Out of home reaches the most people in the early morning and evening every day.


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Qualitative advertising research gauges the impact of outdoor advertising.

APG|SGA has been testing the qualitative impact of poster campaigns for more than 20 years. Specially devised for this purpose, the Poster Performance Index (PPI) is now an established post-test in Swiss outdoor advertising. It measures impact according to the following criteria:

  • Recall

  • Brand recognition

  • Appeal

All the results of the long-term study are sorted by industry and collated in a database, to serve as a benchmark for the values targeted by each specific campaign.

The reliable method for campaign cost-benefit analysis.

The basis for the study is a sample of 500 randomly selected, representative individuals in the metropolitan areas of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. Data is collected through a personal online survey. This is carried out immediately after the end of the campaign in recurrent waves by the independent Swiss research institute intervista AG.

PPI Programme 2024


  • Extensively proven impact: impact is determined based on “recall”, “brand recognition” and “appeal”. Advertisers can use these findings in the further development of their campaigns.

  • Practical benchmarking and control instrument: combined with quantitative performance values (reach, OTS, GRP and CPM), the PPI offers insights into the efficiency of advertising spend.

  • Exclusively for APG|SGA customers: the PPI is an established post-test for poster campaigns and an exclusive element of the APG|SGA service offer. For poster campaigns with a net value of CHF 250,000 or more, this test is conducted free of charge, on request and subject to availability.

The long-term PPI study reveals the following average values for all poster campaigns tested since 2003:

  • 45% recall (activation potential of outdoor advertising)

  • 66% brand recognition (brand awareness)

  • 65% appeal (subjective evaluation of the observer)

You can find a selection of the most successful motifs in our Best of PPI tool or in our regularly published

Brochure (PDF)

Best of PPI 2017–2022

Posters are the oldest advertising medium of all. And when it comes to awareness and impact, they are still among the most efficient and successful. Make the most of the enormous best-practice expertise at APG|SGA – let us help you create targeted, high-impact campaigns with poster advertising innovation. Current best-practice examples:

Best Practice

Most consumers want to be esteemed and appreciated. This is an essential advertising objective. Out of Home Media are widely accepted by the public and can attain both goals.

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