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Why you should enter a partnership with APG|SGA

APG|SGA is among the market leaders in Switzerland for information systems. Its customer base includes 90% of all the country’s mountain railways. To ensure guests feel safe and well looked after at all times, APG|SGA offers a well-calibrated palette of systems, advertising panels and services, which can be deployed to keep guests informed, entertained and safe.

APG|SGA loves the mountains and contributes to the well-being of guests.

APG|SGA is invested in making people feel safe and well looked-after in the mountains. Your mountain railway partner APG|SGA has a whole range of state-of-the-art information systems to ensure your guests get the quick, reliable information and orientation they need. APG|SGA also supports its partners on site with advice, assistance and services, so that they can concentrate fully on looking after their guests.

Advertising panels and services in the mountains 


Panorama boards remain a popular, ideal information system for winter sports fans, mountain bikers, hikers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. Straightforward information panels look good and provide extremely important orientation assistance to guests.


These clock panels set the standard, with their weather-proof, battery-operated radio clocks, display of operational times and notification of last piste checks – because you can rely on APG|SGA right round the clock.


Clear information at a glance rather than a competing tangle of signs. The elegant piste signage system from APG|SGA offers orientation assistance to skiers, hikers and bikers. This piste signage system keeps guests safe by indicating the pistes clearly and unambiguously.


On the ski lift or returning home after a day out, things can get a little hectic. APG|SGA info boards make everything just that bit simpler and more relaxed. Outdoor sports enthusiasts and day trippers enjoying the landscape get all the key information they need about feeder lifts in the ski areas, connections with neighbouring ski areas and plenty more. The info boards can also be fitted with a ticker.


APG|SGA parking signage systems use dynamic and static display and information notices to help drivers in mountain regions find a free parking space.

APG|SGA services for mountain railways

Panorama maps – with all the key information
Absolute diligence is the golden rule. Each individual panoramic image is painted by hand and then digitalised. Added to this digitalised template is all the necessary information about the region, such as place names, facilities, pistes, etc. The full set of data is later used for the production of panorama images.

APG|SGA Infosnow – the database solution for your destination

Infosnow is a database application that captures and maintains the data that is displayed on panorama and info panels, as well as electronic devices and websites. This application covers the full spectrum of winter destinations. In the Alps, that includes sledding runs, parks and so on, while in Nordic areas it can encompass all winter hiking paths and cross-country ski trails – even where lack of snow leads to partial closure.


Support hotline – reliable service
There is a reliable support hotline for all mountain railway partners. In the event of technical problems you can call us at any time. The APG|SGA service team will take care of your issue as quickly as possible. Tel: 0800 11 33 11 (CHF 0.00/min), E-Mail: support@infosnow.ch

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