Committed to outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising is our passion and our dedication, the focus of all our attention and efforts. APG|SGA champions creativity in outdoor advertising with a sustainable approach and a focus on innovation and quality. We believe in the freedom and significance of commercial communications and support cultural and non-profit organisations in their publicity efforts.

We support Swiss poster culture and creativity:


Each year the “Swiss Poster Award” recognises the best out of home media campaigns. Since 1941, APG|SGA has led the selection and honouring of the winners at an industry event.

Twelve times a year the public’s out of home favourites are honoured with the title of “Poster of the Month”.


We support the ADC (Art Directors Club Switzerland) by sponsoring their “Poster” category and are heavily involved with the ADC Young Creative Award.


We are a proud category sponsor of the biannual EFFIE hosted by the LSA (Leading Swiss Agencies).

We provide support for the poster collections of a number of Swiss museums, in particular the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich, where we supply posters and financial support while also promoting the Zurich collection through an online museum.

We champion integrity in advertising as well as the quality, freedom and significance of commercial communication.

  • We support the “Integrity Commission” which is committed to fair and legal advertising.

  • We actively support various industry associations and institutions in order to help create favourable framework conditions for outdoor advertising and the Swiss advertising industry that allow companies, institutions and individuals to grow and the economy and society as a whole to prosper.

We promote the appeal of out of home media by developing new products and services and reliable performance data:

  • APG|SGA promotes the unending attraction and appeal of out of home media and develops new products and services with a systematic approach to innovation management.

  • APG|SGA conducts intensive research into the impact of outdoor advertising to provide advertisers with a sound basis for decision-making in planning their campaigns. In doing so, it cooperates with prestigious research institutes. Guaranteed performance values

  • We support the gathering of objective performance data by the independent research institute for out of home media and mobility - SPR+

We support cultural and non-profit organisations in their advertising activities:

  • We offer cultural, non-profit and charitable organisations reduced rates for our advertising panels.

  • Parties and political organisations benefit from discounts on their campaigns.
    We are a proud partner of sustainable social initiatives such as Bike-to-Work and Unicef Cycling for Children

  • Rather than offering our customers Christmas presents, each year we make a considerable donation to an aid organisation.