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APG|SGA is a dynamic service company with Swiss tradition and a focus on out of home media: Digital. Analogue. Mobile. Interactive. We want to inspire people with the very best communication solutions in public spaces. On streets and squares, in railway stations, at airports, in shopping centres, in the mountains, and in and around public transport. The comprehensive portfolio of APG|SGA products and services offers flexibility and added value to satisfy the various individual requirements of local, national and international advertisers, private property owners and the public sector, consumers, employees, investors and society.



  • 64,4% share of the OOH market

  • 18 subsidiaries

  • 500 employees

  • 160,000 spaces (analogue & digital)

  • 7,500 active advertisers

  • 7,000 contracts & partnerships



  • 48% share of the OOH market

  • 1 subsidiary

  • 50 employees

  • 700

  • 420 active advertisers

  • 76 contracts & partnerships

Founded: 1900 in Geneva

Revenue: CHF 266.1 million*

 Headquarters: Geneva

Listed: on the Swiss Stock Exchange since 1904 with share capital of CHF 7.8 million*


*: as of 31/12/2021


  • Procurement, installation and maintenance of analogue and digital advertising panels in public spaces

  • Along with: conception, design, production, maintenance and financing of urban street furniture as well as waiting shelters, city map fixtures, guidance systems

  • Marketing and leasing of advertising spaces

  • Planning, hanging/transmission and performance measurement for out of home media advertising campaigns 

  • Planning, processing and performance measurement for precisely targeted mobile advertising campaigns 

  • Conception and execution of live communications with sampling and fundraising, brand presentations and pop-up stores

  • Exclusive management and leasing of distribution and promotional spaces in SBB railway stations

Company brochure:


We run our business in line with our vision, purpose, promises and principles, as well as the values that underpin everything we do. They are laid down in our mission statement and in our code of conduct.

Our vision:

“We want to inspire people with the best communication solutions in public spaces.”

Our purpose

“APG|SGA is a dynamic service company with Swiss tradition and a focus on out of home media: Digital. Analogue. Mobile. Interactive.

The comprehensive portfolio of APG|SGA products and services offers flexibility and added value to satisfy the diverse individual requirements of local, national and international advertisers, private property owners and the public sector, consumers, employees, investors and society.

APG|SGA drives sustainable development in outdoor advertising with a focus on innovation and quality, secures the best sites, uses all the available technological resources and gives its employees the space they need to develop and fulfil their potential.”

APG|SGA aims to make a mark on its target groups beyond its products and services and makes promises in the following areas:


  • We set the scene for what you have to say.

  • We create platforms and channels that add value by satisfying communication requirements.

  • We offer an individual, comprehensive portfolio of products and services for optimal implementation of media strategies such as reach and audience.

  • We provide our advertising customers with integrated services and solutions along the entire customer journey.

  • We support innovation and our services are state of the art.


  • We design beneficial fixtures and advertising panels.

  • We create platforms that add value by satisfying the communication requirements of our partners.

  • We are a service and solutions provider for our partners.

  • We act as a general contractor to expand our partners’ value creation chain.

  • We offer inspiring concepts to generate optimal revenues for our partners.


  • We develop talents and skills.

  • We promote diversity, fairness and personal development.

  • We foster an environment that is distinguished by curiosity, passion, innovation and a willingness to learn.

  • We act responsibly and promote a healthy work-life balance.

  • We are consistent, goal-oriented and value-driven in everything we do.


  • We position ourselves in the financial community as a reliable, responsible listed company.

  • We have a healthy balance sheet and strive for a solid equity ratio.

  • We finance our investments from current cash flow.

  • We aim for consistency in our dividend policy. Liquidity and assets not required for operational purposes are distributed to shareholders.

Society & environment

  • We enrich public spaces and create added value in the day-to-day life of our society.

  • We facilitate positive communication experiences through our presence in public spaces.

  • We improve day-to-day life in public spaces with products that bridge the gap between digital and analogue.

  • We combine information and content to enrich the day-to-day experience of urban life.

  • We are sparing in our use of resources.

  • We position outdoor advertising as a cultural tradition which is symbolic of a free and open economy.

 Market positioning

  • We offer a comprehensive out of home media range along the customer journey.

  • We strive for a leading position in our areas of activity (analogue and digital).

  • “One face to the partner.”

  • “One face to the customer.”

  • We have local knowledge and roots in our different locations.

Product and service portfolio

  • We offer a comprehensive, integrated product and service range: analogue, digital, mobile, interactive.

  • We offer optimal solutions for attaining goals in media strategies such as reach (reach extension) and audience (targeted configuration of defined parameters such as target group, time, environmental conditions, etc.).

  • We offer a comprehensive range of online tools (web shop, calculator, programmatic booking, etc.).

  • We stand for the highest quality in outdoor advertising, for integrity and for sound performance measurement (from the value proposition).

  • We have the best locations.

Creativity, technology & innovation

  • We inspire creatives and create compelling communication opportunities.

  • We promote innovation and actively advance technologies.

  • We are early to recognise gaps in the market and successfully engage with new business areas.

  • We use state-of-the-art technology.

  • We drive innovation in our market.

  • We are visionaries working on new ideas – but we are direct, pragmatic and user-friendly when it comes to implementation.

Our principles help guide all our employees as they navigate collaboration,management and leadership. This is how we aim to meet our promises and make every interaction with APG|SGA a positive experience in line with our vision and our mission:


We are constructive and solutions-oriented in our work. We are flexible, ambitious, team-oriented and trustworthy. We identify with our goals and tasks. We see the big picture, practise positive and joined-up thinking, and stay open to pioneering new developments. We allow for mistakes and criticism and see them as a means for further growth.


We motivate employees through open communication, minimal hierarchy and support for further development and training. We set an example and manage our employees by setting clear targets, rewarding personal performance and offering attractive opportunities for sharing in the company’s success.


Regardless of hierarchy and position, we are committed to fulfilling our vision and our goals and we foster an environment that inspires creativity, innovation, fulfilment and transformation. We listen to others, offer support and take responsibility. Our attitude ensures that our convictions, enthusiasm and optimism inspire others to reach our shared goals and ultimately to implement our vision.

In achieving our tasks and reaching our goals, in collaborating and managing, we align ourselves with the following values:


Outdoor advertising is our passion. We are committed to ensuring the dynamic growth of our business and our market through creativity, curiosity, innovation and a practical approach. We greet change with openness, optimism and a sporting spirit. We develop attractive, compelling products and services which inspire our market partners.


Our actions are guided by the principles of fairness, reliability and loyalty. We believe in the importance of mutual appreciation. We set high standards in our work and value long-term prospects, mutual benefit and respect in our dealings with each other. We are committed to equality of opportunity regardless of gender, age, background, culture or religion.


We think and act like entrepreneurs by seizing the initiative and by working economically, independently and responsibly. We have a distinct service culture and our actions are guided by our goals, our performance standards and opportunities for success.


We consistently act in accordance with our principles and keep our promises. We inspire others through our knowledge and social skills as well as our professionalism. We are committed to ethical, moral and lawful conduct.


We are prompt, proactive and transparent in communicating our activities. We are clear and reliable in communicating the goals and interests of our company, both internally and externally.


We are committed to respectful and efficient use of internal and external resources, always acting responsibly in the interests of the environment and of society. We provide our services with a forward-looking focus on the key sustainability issues that matter to our target groups.



APG|SGA launches startup-programme Nurture

APG|SGA aquires WWP Plakatwerbung AG


APG|SGA is the exclusive marketing partner for Zurich Airport

Dr Maya Bundt and Jolanda Grob join the Board of Directors of APG|SGA AG

Global CDP ranking: APG|SGA receives grade A- for eco-friendly activities


APG|SGA launches “one brand” strategy with expansion in the areas of digital/data, changes to corporate structure and streamlined Executive Board

Over 20 new digital advertising panels in the cities of Lugano and Chur

APG|SGA launches digital customer portal myAPG


APG|SGA takes part in a proof of concept for the blockchain start-up IOTA and tests applications in the field of smart cities

APG|SGA Interaction launches aymo, the most accurate mobile targeting in Switzerland, and sets new standards in precision of mobile products

Introduction of the largest digital City ePanel network in Switzerland with a total of 28 screens in Basel


APG|SGA extends its successful partnership with the city of Belgrade, Serbia for the long term

APG|SGA makes renewed foray into mobile media business and launches APG|SGA Interaction, a new segment brand

Introduction of the Cooperation study, based on a national mobility model which captures the footfall on every stretch of road in Switzerland

Expansion of screens in the national package AllStar ePanel CH with over 480 locations and a digital network performance of 23.2 million contacts


Complete takeover of Alpenplakat AG with 550 poster sites

Launch of new segment brand APG|SGA Promotion for running stand and distribution campaigns


Modernization and expansion of logistics processes – billposters now work with electronic hanging lists and smartphones

Major expansion of digital range at promising sites in shopping centres and railway stations    

Opening of a new sales office in Brig              


Full takeover of Impacta AG and Ecofer AG under umbrella of the new segment brand APG|SGA Rail

Launch of innovate! – Innovation team and web platform for development and implementation of new ideas in the outdoor advertising field


Withdrawal from foreign markets Romania and Montenegro    

Expansion of digital portfolio: over 100 full HD screens     


Introduction of company brand APG|SGA for the main business in Switzerland, complemented by the four segment brands APG|SGA Airport, APG|SGA Mega Poster, APG|SGA Mountain and APG|SGA Traffic. July 2012: Affichage Holding renamed APG|SGA AG


SPR+ performance pricing extended to railway station posters

Introduction of new digital ePanel format: 82-inch LCD screens for presentation of animated advertising in full HD quality

Focus on Swiss domestic market: gradual withdrawal of Affichage Holding from foreign markets of Greece, Hungary, northern Italy, Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina     


Launch of digital services PosterDirect® (online poster planning, design, booking and print orders) and PosterPlus® (smartphone and poster interaction)


Introduction of SPR+ performance pricing for street posters 


Start of practical work on planning tool SPR+ Expert    

Introduction of the new F24 format measuring 7 m2 as replacement for previous large-format 12 m2 poster


APG|SGA Traffic becomes an autonomous company within Affichage Holding

Establishment of independent supporting organisation Swiss Poster Research Plus SPR+ to complete and institutionalize the third poster background research study


Affichage Out of Home Media: umbrella brand strategy and visual consolidation of various companies of Affichage Holding under the “red triangle”, the shared logo.

Extension of Affichage Group activities to Greece, northern Italy and Romania              


Kick-off for third poster background research study: Swiss Poster Research SPR

eBoard, Zurich main station: Introduction of the first large-scale out of home digital format in Switzerland (60 m2, LED display)


Launch of new poster background research

The Angie Becker case: generic poster advertising and special study on brand building

Establishment of Affichage Holding                   


www.apgsga.ch: Internet presence

Launch of long-term study, APG|SGA Poster Performance Index PPI®: recall, brand recognition and appeal of poster campaigns


First installation of Telecab2000 telephone booths with back-lit posters: Zurich, Bahnhofstrasse

First planning tool for individual calculation of media data for poster campaigns


First installation of a network of back-lit city maps: Lucerne

Special study on the advertising impact of station posters         


First overall postering concept: Zurich

Special study of advertising recall for street posters         


Introduction of large-format 12 m2 poster

Expansion of the special poster network to celebrate 700 years of the Swiss Confederation

1987 - 1998

APG|SGA poster competition for young designers through Swiss design schools


Winterthur branch

First network of back-lit city posters, integration into stops of the Zurich transport authority VBZ


Swiss poster study: Second background research study into reach and contact frequency

First documentation of poster network range with scientific, representative media data


Sion branch


Introduction of the F200 city format 


Branches in Aarau, Chur


First background research study into Swiss poster market with figures on reach and contact frequency         


Introduction of the wide F12 format


Design competition for Swiss poster of the year, awarded by the Federal Department of Home Affairs


Poster concessions in over 90 cities/towns, with 10 public transport operators and 48 overland and mountain railways


Bruno Giacometti comes up with standard poster frame


First advertising-funded telephone booth: Zurich, corner of Usteri-/Bahnhofstrasse


St. Gallen branch


Lugano branch 


Opening of branches in Zurich, Lausanne, Lucerne, Basel, Bern, Neuchâtel


Expansion of billposting network in global F4 format, starting in Geneva and extending throughout Switzerland Robert Beaujon, first Director


Establishment of APG|SGA in Geneva (headquarters to this day), supported by advertising agencies Haasenstein und Vogler, Vettiner, David and Juvet

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