Outdoor advertising reaches everyone – including young people.

The more mobile and dynamic our lives become, the harder it is for traditional media to reach their target groups. When was the last time 20-year-old Steffi turned on the TV? And when did her brother Dennis last read a newspaper? Outdoor advertising, on the other hand, has no age restriction there. It reaches everyone – including young people. And it enjoys above-average success thanks to repeated contact with advertising messages. Out of home media combines reach and target precision because it is right there wherever target groups are. And compared with other media, out of home is great at reaching young people.


Compared with TV and print, out of home media inspires above-average rates of online activation; this was the finding of the latest survey of 1,043 Swiss residents. That also makes outdoor advertising perfect for cross-media campaigns. 

Activation index search, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


The survey found that 39% of respondents had used a search engine in the last six months to look up something they’d seen advertised on a poster or a screen while they were on the move. This is 1.5 times higher than the activation rate for TV or print.

Source: Innofact 2019

Young people think differently. Digital transformation? There’s nothing to transform; they’ve grown up with digital devices and digital consumption patterns. Traditional media like newspapers, magazines and TV – that’s all old school to them. They much prefer to be out and about, always digitally connected. 

Weekly reach for the 14-34 target group


And the best way to reach this key target group is through outdoor advertising.  

Source: MA Strategy Consumer 2021, WEMF AG