Railway stations – infrastructure on the ­cutting edge.

Why you should enter a partnership with APG|SGA.

As a Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) concession holder, APG|SGA is responsible for marketing and managing all advertising space on SBB property. Its end-to-end range of digital and analogue advertising panels helps advertisers reach up to 1.5 million people every day.

Railway stations are among the most sought-after advertising venues of all. Around 15% of the overall Swiss population travels by train every day. Here, advertisers reach a particularly broad public in a highly concentrated space, rapidly and sustainably. The primary focus is on active, mobile sectors of the population, such as professionals, young people and travellers.

Advertising panels and services in railway stations


Branding zones draw attention to brands and products. They are positioned in a way that ensures maximum advertising impact on commuters. The highly visible screens make a perfect match with our Rail ePanel Escalator, eBoard, MegaPoster, Promotion and/or aymo mobile targeting.

The 32-inch full HD screens set new standards in digital out of home media. They can be used wherever escalators move streams of commuters quickly and effectively between levels. There is virtually no limit to the design options and they offer scope for unusual effects. As well as animated spots and stills they can also be used for formats such as ‘image flows’ – messages that extend beyond the single screen. Flexible booking options for Escalator ePanels – from exclusive usage to cost-effective light day packages – make a perfect match with the existing digital and analogue APG|SGA range.

Rail eBoard

That’s what we call eye-catching – displays of up to 15 m2 with high image quality and outstanding colour intensity. You’ll find them where people are looking and they provide plenty of scope for powerful messaging. Rail eBoards reach up to 1.5 million passers-by every day. The central locations, 24-hour operation (365 days a year) and diverse range of railway stations magically draw active people who are ready to spend.


The BrandingWall lends the two back-lit posters major additional appeal that extends well beyond the poster frame. The range includes two Standard F12L back-lit posters complemented by a surface that provides additional impact beyond the two advertising panels. The BrandingWall thus creates an even larger context for advertising messages. The façade can be entirely clad in high-quality sheeting, which vividly underscores not just the exclusivity of the location but also the impact of the advertisement. 

APG|SGA: the centre of competence for advertising in and around ­railway stations.

Our “Key Partner SBB” department is responsible for business relations with SBB. APG|SGA liaises with other rail operators directly through its local offices. APG|SGA functions as the lead, coordinating all digital and analogue advertising and working closely with logistics services. At the heart of these operations is site selection and the installation of new advertising panels, as well as the marketing, outfitting and maintenance of existing advertising panels.

Daniel Flück
Head of Key Partner SBB
Michel Faude
Head of Space Management (+ West, Ticino, Bern station, Region Red Zone)
Andrea Hemmi
Portfolio Manager (East Region Blue Zone)
Daniel Zurbriggen
Portfolio Manager (Promotions and Central Region Green Zone)
Ariela Balidemaj
Assistant Head of Key Partner SBB (+ Investment Advertising throughout Switzerland)