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Why you should enter a partnership with APG|SGA

APG|SGA offers the full spectrum of airport advertising. Flughafen Zürich AG has transferred the marketing of all advertising spaces at Zurich Airport to APG|SGA. That includes digital and analogue advertising spaces with all branding zones and special formats, as well as the unmissable, eye-catching MegaPosters on the multi-storey car parks – right opposite THE CIRCLE.

Standing still means falling behind, which is why APG|SGA is continually developing the airport portfolio in close cooperation with Zurich Airport and its own internal Product Management division. This results in branding zones and innovative products for exciting brand settings that fulfil requirements and remain in the memory. APG|SGA is particularly keen to support its existing national and international customer base, and to acquire new customers, offering site tours and efficient market development.

The goal is clear – to secure the greatest visibility at the highest quality in Zurich Airport, for the advertising market but also for passengers and visitors. APG|SGA ensures the necessary continuity with regular reports and close cooperation with Product Management, Market Intelligence and Marketing.

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Switching out large-format posters at Zurich Airport: 
MegaPoster at Zurich Airport

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Danilo M. Ciaravolo
Head of Airport Advertising / Sales International