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Why you should enter a partnership with APG|SGA

APG|SGA covers all mobility hot spots and offers highly engaging, customised communication solutions for shopping centres (POS), as well as trade fair and event organisers (POI).

High footfall in shopping centres and the flow of visitors in trade fairs, exhibitions and events add up to an ideal environment for advertising. Well-frequented points of sale and points of interest magically draw people to coverage areas. The largest and most attractive Swiss shopping centres are covered by APG|SGA spaces, with digital Shopping ePanels in malls and analogue advertising formats in car parks, entrances and along access roads.

Digital Shopping ePanels are a particularly compelling option for shopping centre operators. They are very simple to operate and allow partners to use a portion of their advertising time to display and administer their own content – with events, campaigns, special opening hours, list of tenants, etc. 

It’s a win-win – high visibility for advertising customers and an effective instrument for in-house communication and additional revenues for shopping centre operators.

APG|SGA advertising panels for POI and POS

Shopping ePanel

High visibility with luminous and moving images – ePanels in prime locations reach shoppers ready to spend in a relaxed atmosphere. They are perfect for both targeted promotions and image advertising. They also make the perfect medium for communicating information and updates from the shopping centre. They can enter, maintain and immediately update their own content directly through a direct interface with the CMS.

Success stories

The APG|SGA service model is expressly designed to accommodate the needs of all market partners in dialogue. Together they are helping to define and develop the next generation of modern out of home media, which means APG|SGA will continue to be the most attractive Swiss partner for integrated, innovative outdoor advertising in the future as well.

Success stories of cooperation with shopping centres:

The backgroundIn recent months, more than 100 Shopping ePanels have been installed in Swiss shopping centres. They are also highly popular with the centres themselves as communication channels – a quick and cost-effective means of sharing their own content. APG|SGA has developed a new web planning tool to make planning and handling even easier.

The objectives of the shopping centre

  • Simple, flexible planning of their own advertising

  • Review and repository of incoming spots and still images

  • Reduction in internal effort

The solution from APG|SGA
Following intensive analysis APG|SGA implemented an easy-to-use web-based planning tool. It was developed with potential users in iterative cycles and made available on schedule.

The implementation by APG|SGA

  • Analysis, planning and implementation of the new web tool

  • Ongoing review with potential users

  • Personal training through the introduction and implementation of an informative training video

The benefits for the shopping centre

  • Active involvement in the configuration of the web tool

  • Simple, flexible planning of in-house communication on Shopping ePanels

  • Advertising content reviewed upon upload and stored in a structured archive

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