Swiss research makes outdoor advertising performance measurable.

How do you measure outdoor advertising? Swiss Poster Research Plus AG is the scientific, neutral Swiss research institute for out of home media and mobility, and it can give you some highly precise answers to that question. It examines the mobility of the Swiss population and squares it against all the poster spaces on Swiss streets and stations – regardless of the provider. So it can measure things like how many contacts does a space generate, weighted for visibility? 


Neutral background research into posters for planning security and transparency.

The SPR+ study is based on a national mobility model, which captures the footfall on every stretch of road in Switzerland. This takes into account the number of people who live in Switzerland, who they are, where they live and work, and how many of them are on the move, when and for what purpose. All the details on the study: www.spr-plus.ch


You can evaluate digital posters and hybrid campaigns in SPR+. This makes outdoor advertising performance even more measurable, giving the advertiser even greater assurance that they are deploying the right medium in the right place for our mobile society.