Outdoor advertising and mobility: the duo of the future.

Mobility is one of the current mega trends. As society becomes increasingly mobile, digital and analogue poster advertising is increasingly prevalent, because it is right there wherever people are: on streets and squares, on public transport, in stations and airports, in the mountains and at points of sale. The continual rise in mobility is also increasing the reach of out of home media in absolute terms. Consumption of TV, print, radio and cinema may be continually declining – despite the growth in population – but outdoor advertising is one of the winners of demographic change. Out of home media and mobility: the perfect match.

Population growth in Switzerland


Sources: Population growth = BFS, OOH demand trend = Media Focus, Overall market trend = Werbestatistik.


The audience for outdoor advertising is growing every year


Change since previous year

Inhabitants: +0,7%
Employed: +0,3%
Employment rate: +0,4%
Car ownership: +1%



9 out of 10 people see poster advertising


In Switzerland, 9 out of 10 people are on the move every day. This high rate of mobility hugely increases the recurrent awareness of outdoor advertising. Digital and analogue posters guarantee wide reach and repeated contact on journeys for:

• work



Source: BFS, ARE − Mobility and Transport Microcensus (MTMC)