Earn revenue by being where your target groups are.

When your target group is on the move, no matter where they are – outdoor advertising is there with them, a presence as reliable as it is profitable.


The example of Nathalie shows how easily a campaign in the APG|SGA communication spaces accompanies people through everyday life:


09.11 am – Winterthur Hegi

Nathalie is on her way to the city of Zürich. In the Winterthur city bus, she sits in front of a HangingDisplay on which the billerbeck company advertises healthy sleep. Since she has time, she briefly googles the company on her mobile phone.


09.22 am – Winterthur train station

On her way to the tracks at Winterthur station, Nathalie encounters billerbeck's advertising again. She is glad that she is going to Zürich today. She has made up her mind to stop briefly at Globus.


09.42 am – Zürich main station

Arriving in Zürich, Nathalie's path leads her past an impressive billerbeck promotional booth. She is very pleased, as she can check the quality of the products here. There was also a 10% voucher to boot. How great!


10.05 am – Zürich Bahnhofstrasse

A quick coffee and off Nathalie goes for her shopping tour.


03.00 pm – Pestalozzianlage

Finally taking a short break. Nathalie gets something delicious to eat and sits down on the bench by the Pestalozzianlage and catches sight of an amazing billerbeck MegaPoster. After the meal, she is eager to redeem her voucher. The quality of billerbeck has really convinced her.

Your target group can also be reached around relevant addresses.

You can reach your target group even more precisely in all APG|SGA communication spaces by additionally planning your outdoor advertising campaign in the direct vicinity of relevant addresses. 

A list of the most important addresses, the so-called points of interest, can be found here.

Your sales consultant will be happy to advise you personally.

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