ChannelOOH! – What people watch.

The number one challenge in the advertising industry, in addition to the complexity of channels and changing media usage, is reaching the target group. APG|SGA offers you a customized solution for this purpose.


Your challenge in the moving image market


Our solution: ChannelOOH!

The unique channel for target group-optimized reach in moving image communication. Reach the coveted target group of 15- to 49-year-olds, who are independent of time and place when it comes to media consumption, by extending your moving image campaign to the digital screens of APG|SGA.

Facts and figures

Target group 15-49 years old
Gross CPM, TG 15-49 year-olds CHF 25 (national)
Gross CPM, TG all  CHF 18
Formats ePanels and eBoards
Booking types Day, Flex Day or Flex light Day
Duration from 1 day
Minimum booking unit Language regions (D-CH, F-CH, I-CH)
Number of screens D-CH approx. 500, F-CH approx. 150, I-CH approx. 30
Spot lenght 10 seconds
Communication spaces Streets and Square as well as railway stations



Benchmarks for 7 day campaigns

Your investment in more awareness among the target group of 15-49 year olds


Did you know that...

Digital Out Of Home advertising reaches a large proportion of the Swiss population? The figures from MACH Strategy 2022 show that especially young people between the ages of 14 and 35 who have a high level of education or are in education are reached particularly strongly with DOOH compared to the entire Swiss population.


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