Outdoor advertising guarantees the visibility of your campaign.

Every year, we’re awash with more and more information. That makes it harder for advertisers to get their messages through to their target groups. Things get easier outside the home, because there is still nothing to beat the high visibility of outdoor advertising. Wherever people gather, the high outdoor advertising visibility of APG|SGA digital and analogue products ensures that advertisers reach their target groups. 


LSA/SWA study 2020


60% of respondents said their greatest challenge for the coming years is reaching their target audience.

Source: Leading Swiss Agencies LSA

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s why high visibility is so important. Wherever you look, outdoor advertising is there. You can’t click a poster away. No need for AdBlock or “No advertising” stickers. And there’s no danger of ad fraud. Outdoor advertising belongs, because it is authentic, honest and unavoidable. 

Challenges for competing media


Competing media is confronted with increasing challenges in maintaining contact with the public. For example, fewer and fewer Swiss readers get their information from print media.

Sources: WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung, Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband SWA, Mediapulse, Statista, 20 Minuten