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APG|SGA is the leading outdoor advertising company in Switzerland specializing in digital and analog out of home solutions for high traffic locations.

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We unite the needs of our market partners within the context of a continuing dialogue. This model has been designed to ensure that we remain the most attractive business partner for integrated and innovative solutions in the Out of Home Media market in the future.


Out of Home Media

67 percent of mobility in modern society happens on the street, either on foot or in a vehicle. Millions of people are exposed to outdoor advertising every day when they travel by rail or air. And they appreciate this form of communication. Four out of every five people in Switzerland like poster advertising. This harmonious relationship between the consumer and the medium is what makes Out of Home Media one of the most effective and cost-efficient of all forms of commercial brand communication.

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Participate now and win!
Participate now and win!
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Best Practice
Selzam Grill
Selzam Grill

Thanks to a locally and regionally-based poster campaign, at the start of the season Selzam AG was able to welcome lots of customers to its barbecue exhibition. The results of the customer survey demonstrate the impact of the Out of Home advertising measures.



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